Sanqiang Qiu, Chinese Thinker-Philosopher & Musician

By: Azdad Karimi

I like culture and art with mindfulness and spirituality, because it contains dark energy substances that we can't see, which can enhance the wisdom of the viewer.



Sanqiang Qiu, Chinese Thinker-Philosopher & Musician


By Azad Karimi


My dear readers! Please take a look at the fourth question and answer!

How great is the spiritual greatness of a human being!

Everything I wrote in an earlier interview about the American Charles Daniel is true of the Chinese Sang Qiang Qiu.

I would like to quote the introduction to Charles Daniel here:

“In my personal culture, I have divided people into two groups: Two-legs and wise:

The two legs are just alive, coming and going without productivity or production. They are stagnant and have not grown, Of course, evil people who think but have evil thoughts in their heads. They are also Tow-legs and bipeds.

And a wise person is one who is the source of goodness and blessings.

Some people live many years but never understand why and for what reason? Some people wake up somewhere in life and learn what the philosophy of life is. Some people are inherently intelligent and quickly learn the right way and way of life. They are called heavenly gifts.

And this Chinese man is one of those people are called heavenly gifts. He is a blessing. If you like to believe, please read my interview with her to prove what I said.

And he is my dear brother...I proud of him.

I wish Sanqiang the best with a long life with success and health. "


Thank you!



1- Please introduce yourself (name, education, citizenship, etc.)

- My name is SanQiang, university degree, Chinese, music lover


2- What is your artistic specialty?

-performing screaming and singing


3- When and how were you interested in the field of art/works?

- I started whistling music in 1992. After learning the whistle of an adult, I used him to play music. In 2013, I became interested in religious music and art. After converting to Buddhism, I felt that religious music could change my destiny, and I began singing Buddhist music ever since.


4-Who was your motivator?

- Faith!


5- What is the reaction of the parents?

-Three strong: do not understand


6- When started you such as a professional person in this field?

- No, I am an amateur.


7-Are you grateful and happy for your activities?

- Yes, I think I am the luckiest person. I can take my hobby as a career and dedicate it to others, and I can realize the value of my life.


8- What do you think of the viewpoints in the fields of culture, art and wisdom?

 - I like culture and art with mindfulness and spirituality, because it contains dark energy substances that we can't see, which can enhance the wisdom of the viewer.


9-Can you become a member of the artistic/cultural movement of the youth or new generation in your country?

- I may be a person with a clear understanding, and I can basically distinguish those cultural arts that are conducive to social development. Maybe I am a contemporary pioneer of the right way of Xiaole art. But I hope to positively influence the cultural and artistic thinking of young people.


10- How is your relationship with nature?

- One!


11- I guess you’re follower and student of ancient wisdom(Confucius – Lao Tzu) please explain to your reader about it. Who is them and what say they?

- I study Lao Tzu's thoughts, because he is the spokesperson of the truth of the universe, Tao is invisible and intangible, but Tao is the fundamental power of the universe, and the Tao of heaven and earth is everywhere. The Xiaole I studied possesses the truth of the universe.


12- Can you explain about connecting of wisdom and ethics?

 - The level of human morality depends on the size of wisdom.


13- What is connecting between wisdom, ethics with naturalizations, and urban- civilization?

- One smart city leader can improve the level of urban civilization and citizens' moral values. If a government promotes the appreciation of elegant culture and art, society will not be vulgar.


14-How do you help our world become a better place to live?

- I am a musician of Xiaole Art, and I can influence the moral and ideological level of the audience through mindful singing and performance, because divine music is the best way to improve The body cells and soul, of course, all of this has something to do with my moral level, so I am cultivating my mind.


15-Do you have anything else to say or suggest to our readers?

-I hope everyone will do their best to be kind, because this can bring us good luck and wealth. Kindness can be the last hope to save ourselves when we are in danger. I also hope that everyone will enjoy more divine music, so that you can enhance your inspiration. The Xiaole I studied is a very ancient vocal art with healing function. Many Xiaole is ancient fascination, such as lion roar, ventriloquist, homai, etc. I hope everyone can learn and appreciate it, self-interest and altruism.


SanQiang (Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage)