Dutch Modernist Artist, Thinker and Philosopher Kevin van Delsen

By: Azad Karimi

Being self sustainable in my house hold in the midst of nature in the mountains is where I work towards now to be with nature in a calm way whenever I need that. Nature is an essence of becoming the best you, you can become.



Dutch Modernist Artist, Thinker and Philosopher 

Kevin van Delsen


By Azad Karimi


- Our youth need help there, because I needed help

I told to Kevin.

And Kevin said:

- Ok, I will. Want to know how I help people?

I said:

- Just help them to open the windows on free world

And he said:

-Freedom of creative expression.

What came up above was a very small part of our long dialogue.

Please read my and Kevin's writing interview. I wish good luck to Kevin.



Thank you!



My name is Kevin van Delsen, a Dutch 34 year old man that mostly is self educated by experiencing that where my interests lay. I follow what I love to do and so learn what I need to learn to build up that what is called the dream of every individual.

Not married, but for 4 years in an amazing relationship with a Spanish woman.


2- What is your artistic specialize?

There are many arts in each and every individual, my most passionate arts are the observation of humanity, i study human beings, their behaviour and psychology behind that.

Fashion has been my passion since I was 16 and so my wall of judgment from my world has been a big emotional fight for me being not Gay, but in the eyes of my fellow humans I was, because of my passion for fashion. Now after all those years of ups and downs i am at the wright’s moment with the weight product.

Hats, pillows, bags, jackets and so much more i make out of reused leather, jeans and corduroy as my main materials.

A 100% reused leather and 95% reused materials in general. I could dress your body and house personally designed to your style.

My passion for understand living and sharing the complete idea of Self-Health, Sustainability and Creative expression.

Where am I on the brink of entering the world with a big group of people to show a new way of living combining the old and the new?


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

My Passion for fashion started when I was 16, after being pushed to just choose a study I did not like, and did not know what I wanted I here’d on my 13th that I was dyslectic (not being able to read or write the way they wanted me) I lost interest step by step on my 16th I choose to find what i wanted. On my 18th I had a t-shirt label that failed, on my 20th went back to school to study the bases of design and when I was 23 I took a different path, by effort and hard work I could earn my money with modelling, that gave me the passion for observing me and my fellow humans, to read the signs behind the expression of myself and every other human being. Where back than i was very angry at life for being hard on me.

A man who has such feminine work and passions I must be gay. That makes you confused about life, to here every day that what you choose is not the right way.

But it was, it is. Now I have my passion and life clear, I observe people and support them day in day out where ever i can be of assistance to every individual on my path, to believe in their own choices, even if it does not make sense to your outside world, family and friends. To be happy and follow what you believe to be your way always hurts. Because our outside world is programmed to judge us on the “not being normal” where nobody is normal every individual is a different expression of being.

To feel secure and save I found out the last 5 years that understanding self-health, sustainability and have a free way of expressing my creativity will give me all the other freedom i need to be the strongest and happiest me I can be.


4- Who was your motivator?

I never had one precise motivator, I had my best friend who emotionally and fiscally protected me my complete youth,

so i could become the person i am today. I see the motivation of expression in all i love in every human being. The only way to stand balanced in life is to see in each and every moment you as the student and the teacher.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

My Mom has always been supporting me, sometimes scared of the fast changes I made, but supporting and communicating at all cost. The relationship with my father in that way was different, he never really understood what i did or wanted to do, but nonetheless he supported me financially when needed but could never really talk about my emotional problems in that way. Now when I am 34 and my products get sold, he see my happiness and I can express the way I want and always will walk life no matter what, we come much closer to each-other.


6- When started you such as a professional artist?

I do not even know if I am professional or not. I make art and that is never perfect so professional?!



7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an artist?

I simple believe that every human being should follow his/her way of expressing, live your own Legend and the world will be a better place. If each and every person does what he/she loves nobody needs to be jealous on others, the fulfilment of doing what you love is the only way to be happy.


8- How you see the view in fields of Culture, Art, and Wisdom?

In what system we been born this life time as it is oppression by religion or consumerism there is little space to the support of Art and Culture if not to be made a lot of money on it.

It is our generations that need to repair this, and turn the table around, art for food, art for closing, art for building, art of healing, art to express the emotional being, that all is a necessity if we want to survive. We cannot eat money, money only in the middle of that what is been expressed and needed. If I have a house with a garden and my solar, water or wind energy I can freely express my art.

 Self-Health and Sustainability covers the needed bases like housing, food and water so we are free to be healthy and let the expression come over us. That is real wisdom to me.


9- Can you become one part of the artistic/cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than? 

I am trying, for the last 5 years of becoming a part of the solution.

With my personal day to day support to those i meet i make a difference, with the association i founded we help and support. Still building up the association to be strong and big enough to make bigger changes than the small influences we have now.


10- How is your relationship with nature?

5 Years ago I left my country with a big backpack to find out what I was made of, can I repair my own faults?

Can I be alone? Without knowing what will happen? Leaving my comfort! I found my relationship with nature, there. Being self sustainable in my house hold in the midst of nature in the mountains is where I work towards now to be with nature in a calm way when ever I need that. Nature is an essence of becoming the best you, you can become.


11- Can explain you about connecting of wisdom and ethics?


12- What is connecting between wisdom, ethics with naturalizations, and urban- civilization?

Internet is one of the best sources in this time to become more informed, but nonetheless we have another way of encountering wisdom. Wisdom is not parse something you get from the internet, because what’s on the internet is made by other human beings, something that can be good and something that can be bad, because now with so much people on the internet you have a lot of un-information shared. Very difficult to see what is the real information and what’s not?

So, to me the other way of maintaining information, is a complete other way. Some people call it praying to god.

To me there is a different way, you have the praying (talking) to god, and listening (silence/meditation) to god.

To me my main information comes from the silence in the days, sitting at silence for an hour or more will give you clear solutions to the problems each and every individual has. Going thru the pain of patience and me not being able sit still it has been a long journey and still every day struggling with my patience, but I am calmer only by being not in a rush in life.

Here in the western world we are drilled to go faster and faster while at the end running faster does not make something better. Being in peace before you do something makes it more likely do it right.


13-How describe you the modern human?


14-What are the characteristics of a civilized human being?

I do not know if i should call it civilized, but for sure there are natural norms and values to the interactions with your fellow human beings, animals and nature. Respect and empathy for each and every individual, because i do not believe that what you believe and i don’t, makes me stupid, it could make us both more informed if we listen with deep inner respect to each other. Every religion has a beautiful truth, but at the same time it has their selves’ way of oppressing.

Every way of a so called democratic system has its benefits and ways of holding people in their grip.

We should listen to each other and together find a more complete way of what life is about.

Let the instinct of competition become the instinct of collaboration.


15- I want to ask you explain the connection between modernity and civilization... Do you see anything between them, Kind of connection?

Modern human beings are all about adaptability, if you see what we humans have done to nature, to our self and each other we should be ready to adapt to every situation.

 Where, to me the modern human being will get to know to be complete self sustainable. Re-building old houses with new technology like solar panels, wind mills or energy out of water movement.

Fruit Forrest and perm culture techniques on the wild gardening, repair and make your own closing, furniture and more.

The idea sound a lot like going back to the old but it is not because now our intelligence has adapted with tools and new technological breakthroughs. While we do not work like the old farmers worked but with the new little twists, for example the way of watering the plants. Now you have a timer you put on your water system that will open the water hose whenever you set the timer, and so les work on the watering the plants, or by solar energy pumping up the water from a river or well.

In that way we are self-sustainable but do not have to work that hard like the farmers of the last hundreds of years.

More time to express your creativity and even earn some money with it while we still need the money system.


16- What is the human role?

 In Our countries the tree ,plant and nature is lovely and respectful but In other countries that we know , for example some countries in Middle East , people have been sent to prison because of Protest against the burning and destruction of forests and the destruction of ecosystems and nature. Where is mistake? What is solution?

Not only the middle east, this is big business. Where i lived in Portugal and Spain one of the main business is big fires in the woods to cut the trees for our paper and wood. An economic way of survival in these countries, like Spain is the main Garden of northern European countries they produce  much food in a short period and use a lot of chemicals to kill insects or compost the food you eat, so basically we eat chemical injected food to produce more and faster food.

To me the new rebellion is simple. Stop waiting for them to solve the problem. If the protests do not work, come together in small groups and plant the right trees. My rebellion is where ever I go, whenever i travel, i take seeds from trees that are good for wild foods like hazelnut, walnut and chestnuts are all eatable and easy growing trees from seed(in my parts of the world). To each and every group of people in the world who want to make a difference in this area. The new rebellion is to investigate what trees do not burn easily, and what trees and vegetable seeds give us a free food supply.

Fighting the fight in their way we will never win, we need to fight smarter, not by force but by intelligence and collaboration.

What if millions of humans start planting food trees and throwing pumpkin and corn seeds everywhere we can?

Those who plant a tree and know they will not sit under its shadow start to understand the meaning of life!

That what I always do to each and every individual I come across, follow your heart, even if that makes you take steps out of your comfort and let your world, family and friends judge you of being strange, crazy or any word you can imagine.

You being happy and loving towards yourself is the way to make the world a better place.

If there is something you can be to make a difference is being an inspiration to others!

I am doing my best to get my life in balance and on the road i inspire others. The moment I have my life in balance all my focus goes again in helped all those others who want to live in harmony with each other, animals and nature.

If not know, when? If not you, who?  You have only today, every day.