Brazilian Poet & Journalist Igor Calazans

By: Azad Karimi

I promote several actions and cultural activities focused on poetry in Rio de Janeiro. I think artists, writers, intellectuals need to be closer to people in order for these people to believe in their own potentials. It's an exchange.



Brazilian Poet & Journalist Igor Calazans

By Azad Karimi


I will share the article I published on July 2 here again instead of the introduction. Good luck.…

Igor Calazans, my friend, he is a Brazilian Author and Poet.

I contacted him and I suggested that we do a joint literary project.

He accepted and we had an attractive conversation about his background and How He became an Author and Poet...

I told him it will be amazing if we had a joint project to honour his poet grandfather. He promised to translate some of his Grandpa's poems to English. I have translated his beautiful poem to Norwegian, Persian and Kurdish languages.

It is good to say: I translated his poem to two Kurdish.

I wish my dear Colleague and friend Igor Calazans success and a lucky-long life.

I would like to narrate his words about himself:

I'm 34 years old, journalist / Poet

I am writing down since 20 years and I dedicated to poetry.

Nemecio Calazans, my grandfather, was also a poet and I learned him writing down poems, writers, romantics, Parnassians. So since I was a child I contemplate poetry, he was a great poet, erudite and popular at the same time.

He died in 2002.

I have three books published as well as I participations in important national anthologies.

I'm a natural poet. Everything I write is about life, our existence and questions about our actions.


English text:

"Natural Cause

If I were a fish

I would drown.

If it were ant

I would die buried.

If it were a bird,

In the air, I would die of asphyxiation.

But, as I am human,

I kill.


Norwegian text

Naturlig årsak

Hvis jeg var en fisk

jeg skulle drukne.

Hvis det var maur

jeg ville dø gravlagt.

Hvis det var en fugl,

I lufta, ville jeg dø av kvelning.

Men som jeg er menneske,

Jeg dreper.


Persian text

دلیل طبیعی

ایگور کالازانس

ترجمە از انگلیسی: آزاد کریمی

من اگر ماهی بودم

درآب غرق می شدم

یا چون مورچە

درمغاک خاک مدفون

یا چون پرندە ،

در هوا خفە می شدم.

اما ، چون من انسانم ،

من میکشم.


Kurdish text- sorani

هۆکاری سروشتی

ئیگۆر کالازانس

وەرگێڕان لە ئنگلیزی یەوە : ئازاد کەریمی

ئەگەر من باسی بومایە

لە ئاودا دەخنکام

یان وەک مێروو

لە ژێرخاکدا هەستم لێدەبڕدرا

یان وەک باڵندە

لە هەوادا دەخنکام

بەڵام چونکەمرۆڤم

من بکوژم!


Portugues text- Orijinal

"Causa Natural" (Igor Calazans)

Se eu fosse um peixe

Morreria afogado.

Se fosse formiga

Morreria soterrado.

Se fosse um pássaro,

No ar, morreria asfixiado.

Mas, como sou humano,

Eu mato.



Thank you!




1- Please present yourself (Name, education, job, Civil status and...)

. Hi, I’m Igor Calazans Poet and Journalist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m 34 years old, and almost twente years dedicates to poetry. I have three books published, in addition to participating in importants national’s anthologies.


2-what is your cultural specialize?

. I’m specialized in write poems. I write both academic, more erudite, and colloquial, using de free verses.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of culture?

. While I was young. Twelve year’s old, maybe. My grandfather was a great poet in my city. And i learned so much with him. But, my first poem, i wrote with 14 years old in school.


4- Who was your motivator?

. My grandfather, Nemecio Calazans, was a great poet. He was an academic, profound poet, and he taught me a lot, mainly by presenting literary references and writing styles.


5- What was your parent's reaction?

. My parents were very moved to learn that I also wrote poetry. It has always been very well accepted in the family. They give me full strength to follow this path.


6- When started you such as a professional Author, Poet?

. This happened in 2014, when I was considered one of the three main poets of the new generation in Brazil, through the Sarau Brasil Award, of great importance here in the country. The following year I released my first book.


7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as an Author- Writer-Poet?

. Yes, so much. More and more the poetry shows paths to my life. I am following with a lot of dedication, believing it to be really a personal mission.


8- How you see the view, the future of literature, culture? You are a writer, you should have a opinion...

. In my country, for example, I see the demand for an interest in literature with a good perspective. We need to retell our true history, previously known only to the colonialist version. Many good writers came up with new and deep thoughts. What is missing is a greater investment in education aimed at reading in schools.


9- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

. Of course! I promote several actions and cultural activities focused on poetry in Rio de Janeiro. I think artists, writers, intellectuals need to be closer to people in order for these people to believe in their own potentials. It's an exchange. It is no use just producing if the public sees us as unattainable beings


10- How can you help our world become a better place for living?

. I have a very hopeful look with the kids. I believe it is the most poetic phase that we go through in life. So, we need to take advantage of their moment to present poetry as a unique possibility to see life in a different way. They need to believe that their imaginative "journeys" are, in this case, poetic creations. The system ends up standardizing people's thoughts. That's terrible. Each being is unique, individual, and needs to be respected. When we begin to see in the other his virtues and not his defects, the world will become better.

11- Have you more word to say or suggestion for our readers?

. Seek the path of poetry. However obscure, it is always brilliant. Thank you, my friend!