French Midweight Boxer Patrick Bois

By: Azad Karimi

The role of sport is important to me, it is vectors of many positive things in our society, it is a sport that brings people together. Boxing is the center of my life.



French Midweight Boxer Patrick Bois

By Azad Karimi


Boxing is a Greek sport and its history back to the Olympics.

 The Olympic competitions’ history back to 8th. Century B.C in Greece.

Boxing is a Greek sport and its history back to the Olympics. For example, in the Shahnameh, Iranian mythology book, in which Kurdish and Persian versions are available, the heroes used boxers.

But in the custom of Kurdistan and Persia, which together form Iranian culture, it was a test of force with the power of the arm to knock the opponent to the ground.

Therefore, they put a badge of honor on the arm of the heroes and called it Bazuband.

These heroes were called Palawan. Palawan means strong. The Palawans were a part of the Mithraic community of ancient Kurdistan.

The Mithraic heroes wore the sacred stone of Spinel on their arm, and offered sacrifices to her in the temple of the god Shukashumona, and made wine from the sap of the Pistacia atlantica tree and drank it.

They were called Palawan for their strength and heroism, and because they were disciples of the god Shoukashumona, they were called Shukashi, Shakashi, Kashwa, Keshani, Shakushi, Shaksani, Shaki, Saki, Eshkani,Sakasi, Sagazi, Shkoushi,Shkuzi, and Eshkanazi.

They lived in the present-day city of Saqez(Shakasha) in Iranian Kurdistan and fought the Urartians and Assyrians many times.

They were at war with their brothers. The brothers lived on the west side of the Palawan land. They were called Goti. The Gotis, or modern-day Botis, were the ancestors of the Urartians. In Avesta, Urartu name is recorded as a Turbratur.

The rivalry between the Palawans and the Gotians goes back to the myth of Dohaki Akadi, who was killed by Hrite son of Hatui.

Hrite had three sons named Zalm, Turige, and Irege. Hrite gave his first son Turige the lands of Mesopotamia.

He gave his second son Zalm the lands between the great and small rivers of Zab and Diyala.

This land was located in the north of Babylon and it was called Zour.

In the mythology of Kurdistan, he was called Zalmi Zour, that is, Zalm, the king of the land of Zour.

Hrite gave the land of the Holy Temple to her young son Irige. This sacred temple belonged to the Mithras and was located in the land of Chardnia or Chardari. The temple, located inside the castle of Kharuna, was a memorial to the discovery of fire in this place by *Shenge* of the generation of Khedrsha or Gomerd.

The city was occupied by Dohak Akadi and its king *Yam* was killed. Yam was a great warrior-hero or Palawan and a disciple of the god Shukashoumona.  Yam built a city below the temple city.

When Hrite gave Irige, the Temple of Holy Fire, the fire of Zalm and Torige's rage and jealousy were kindled. They killed Irige and because of this, long wars broke out between Irige and Turige's sons. These long wars lasted from the time of unwritten history (The period of Myths) to the time of ancient history.

Please note that myths are different from legendary characters.

By building the Mithraic temples in Mesopotamia, Turige sought to assert his independence from the mainland of the Holy Fire( the land of the kingdom of Yam) ruled by Irige and his sons.

The enmity of these two kingdoms culminated with the killing of the Kurdish prophet Zarathustra.

Zarathustra was one of the servants of the Mithraic religion, but he was rejected due to criticism of the magouses-pastors of the Holy Fire Temple, and he emigrated to the land of the south. During that period, the kingdom of the sons of Irige, known as Manna or Monai, was weakened. And the kingdom of the sons of Turige, known as Urartu or Turbratur, ruled over this temple.

In the eighth century BC, a group of Urartians who were followers of the god Xivini or Shivini did not tolerate Zoroastrianism and attacked and killed his residence south of Manna (Shukashu Mona land or Palawans land).

The followers of Zoroaster took refuge in the land of Anshan, which was part of the country of Elam. In the Holy Torah, the land of Anshan is called Khaman.

In the 7th century BC, all the Mithraic tribes of Zagros gathered in Karkashu (Hengumatan) and crowned the king of Dayako. Later, another king, Kiyaksar or Goudarz Sha, of the Karkashu dynasty, invaded the Holy Temple and invaded and later occupied Nineveh, the capital of Assyria. After the conquest of Nineveh in 612 B.C, Goudarz Sha conquered the land of the Turbratur and, after thousands of years, gathered the sons of Hrite under his banner-Flag.

Goudarzsha was a descendant of the Kashwad family who was the servant of the god Shukashumona, the god of palawans or heros.

Goudarz Sha was Queen’s Mandane grandpa. She is Cyrus the great’s mother.  Cyrus' fathers were Zoroastrians who, a century before and after the slaughter of the Zoroastrians, had escaped from the Turbratur Khivini soldiers and taken refuge in Elam.

HOH! I wrote a lot, sorry.

The beauty of these interviews is that I am free to write, and you can find out everything by joining the Facebook page of the person I interviewed. And most importantly, he-she reveals many details about himself by writing about himself.

So I apologize to you and dear Patrick if I wrote too much. Introducing some aspects of the history of the Kurdish nation and the land of Kurdistan is a human duty for me because this nation must be introduced to the world. These people descended from humans, not wolves and wilds.

Explicitly, given the dangerous behavior of Turkish President Erdogan and his expansionism in the territories of Kurdistan and the Caucasus, as well as in North Africa, Cyprus, and Greece, I consider it my duty to write this. He and his friends in Iran (Mullas ruling) intend to destroy the history and culture and economy of a large part of the world. They bring many Arabs who are hostile to Arab modernism into armed mafias organized terror and violence in Europe and the Middle East.

With the help of the Kashmir insurgents, with the help of Pakistan, they intend to destroy India. The world is being mercenary by Iran and Turkey and their extremist Arab groups in a dangerous abyss. Together with China, they have waged a major war against the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Russia is also playing its game. No one should hope for the promise of the Russians. Putin, Erdogan, the Islamic Republic, and the Chinese Communist Party have started their dangerous game.

I would like me to be delusional, but the world news says these bitter truths.

I wish my athlete friend Patrick from France success and happiness.


Thank you!



  1. Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status, and...)

. Hello, my name is Patrick Bois Jr. I am 29 years old and I am a professional boxer, 3 times French champion in the light heavyweight division, WBF intercontinental champion, and vice European champion EBU.


2-What is your specialized?

.My specialty is English boxing more commonly known as Noble Art.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of sports activity?

. My father and my family were a boxer so this sport rocked me from childhood and I realized very quickly that I was ambitious so I started very young.


4- Who was your motivator?

. My motivation for doing this sport was my father and success still is.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

. The reaction was normal since it was in my genes.


6- When started you such as a professional sportsman, Boxer?

. I turned professional on July 9, 2011.


7- Please, Tell us about your sports activities!

. I really do a lot of sports outside of boxing, (Running, cycling, swimming)


8- What is the role of sports culture in our life?

 . The role of sport is important to me, it is vectors of many positive things in our society, it is a sport that brings people together. Boxing is the center of my life.


9- What is the role of culture in our life?

. The role of sports culture in my life is like my base were all these poses. My development begins with boxing.


10-And what is the connection between sport and culture?

 . Personally, the two are the vector of surpassing either.


11- Where is the place of sport in the culture of a society?

. The place of the sport instead of (defouloire) in this society.


12- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities?

. I am grateful to life and my quality for offering me the life I lead and above all, I thank it for making me continue over time.


13- How see you the view about your work-sport-culture?


14- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or the new generation in your country and so then?

. I already do things for my sport, I go to college to convey the true values of my sport and why I am chosen.


15- How can you help our world to become a better place for living?

. Already accepted everyone's differences, stop judging or envying others! We must cultivate what unites us and not what separates us.


16- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?

. I thank the people who have supported me for so long, I always do my best to honor and I will continue until my last stroke of the bell. Thank you very much.