Spanish Model, Actor-Presenter Enrique Villena

By: Azad Karimi

Giving my best, making all those most vulnerable groups in our society visible to the world, through social inclusion.



Spanish Model, Actor-Presenter Enrique Villena

By Azad Karimi

December 01st  is known every year as AIDS Day. Of course, my interview with Enrique will be published tomorrow, December 2th, but this topic is so important that I did not want to miss it.

So the preface to my interview with Enrique the handsome Spanish model is on the fight against AIDS.

Let me start with my own personal experience. In November or December 1986, I was a twelve-year-old teenager and was reading a scientific journal called Danestaniha(Knowledges).

Danestaniha was a beautiful and colorful magazine that was published every two weeks. This magazine was published in Tehran and of course, it was sent to all provinces of Iran, including Kurdistan. At that time, due to the Iran-Iraq war, we, who lived on the border with Iraq, were in a bad and unstable situation.

We lived and grew up in those conditions, but the children in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Qom basically did not know about our situation. They enjoyed all the welfare privileges. When the war ended, we had to face a security system and interrogation because we were Kurds and our area was predominantly Sunni Muslim that investigation of Kurdish youth reached a stage of obsession and madness and it is interesting that despite all these misfortunes that befell us, the opposition people of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who live in exile, they try to propagate that ugly and hateful era and even Prince Reza Pahlavi refers to us as a separatist minority!

Or two, three days ago, Mr. Amir Taheri, one of the oldest Iranian journalists, who is a member of the board of directors of the Gatestone Institute, said in a television program: The current government of Iran is a weak government and it has no control for example: ..... and war mode in the northwest (Kurdistan)...

They always present Kurdistan as a battlefield and a minority territory to the people of Iran and the people of the world...the Persianism version of totalitarianism and pan-Turkish fascism. Such comments do not promise any bright horizon for democracy in the dark skies of Iran's future.

Anyway ... I bought the magazine Danestaniha, the weather was cold and I hurried back home. They had published a horrible article about AIDS with very terrible pictures of AIDS patients. When my father returned from the work, I showed him the magazine. He was also very surprised. I had not reached puberty, but I was somewhat aware of sexual issues. The problem at the time was the world's ignorance of how to deal with it a mysterious disease that attacks the body's immune system and severely weakens it.

I remember, it was always propagated in Iran that we do not have any cases of AIDS in Iran, and this is due to the religious education and teachings of the government of the Islamic Republic... In Iran, AIDS, was always propagated as the result of homosexuality.

This insistence on non-AIDS in Iran continued for years until a president named Ahmadinejad came to power in Iran, He went to the United States and lectured at Columbia University in response to the question of whether there is homosexuality in Iran. He answered No! Does not exist! We basically do not know what this means!

Of course, the students present at the meeting booedhim and laughed at him!

In addition to sexual contact, transmission through blood is the most dangerous and common way of transmitting the virus. Of course, I say this about Iran, based on the statistics provided by the Iranian media. Unfortunately, drug addiction and the very dangerous method of intravenous injection is causing the widespread spread of AIDS among addicts and people with whom they have injecting and sexual contact.

Unfortunately, working and homeless children who have been raped by these people have contracted AIDS. Unfortunately, in addition to the custom and tradition that prevents the admission of AIDS, there are more religious teachings because in Islam, there is no confession of guilt or sin unlike Christianity.

So when AIDS is the result of sin, confessing to it is also a sin.

I do not criticize here. I recount the problem. Of course, I am not afraid to criticize this issue, but this article does not have the capacity to criticize religion, so I prefer to invite readers to read the text of my interview with my dear friend Enrique.

But I would like to pay tribute to the great artist Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS. Happy soul.


I wish my dear friend Enrique success and happiness.


 God bless Spain.



Thank you!



1- Please introduce yourself: Name, studies, marital status and...


.My name is Enrique Villena, I have a degree in chemicals and currently a financial advisor, single marital status.


2-What is your artistic specialty?

.I work as a model, actor and presenter.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

.I was always a great communicator from a very young age.


4- Who was your motivator?

.My parents.


5- What was the reaction of your parents?

.An unconditional love relationship, based on respect and affection.


6- When did you become such a professional artist, Actor Figuration?

.A few years ago I landed on the island of Ibiza and here I started in the audiovisual world.


7- Are you grateful and happy for your activities as a figurative actor?

.I am always happy and grateful.


8- How do you see the view: about art, culture, figuration of acts?

.Culture is the engine that moves the world and I am delighted to be part of it.


9- Can you be part of the cultural movement of motivation in the youth or the new generations of your country and so on?

.Yes!  Of course! In fact, I am a co-founder of Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day, a solidarity and inclusive fashion show.


10- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

.Giving my best, making all those most vulnerable groups in our society visible to the world, through social inclusion.

11- Do you have more words to say or suggest to our readers?

.Do not stop visiting our work in.