French Cinema Actor Pénélope Blazicevic

By: Azad Karimi

I think not a particular movement for new generation. I think a new generation should be interested all cultures and art forms. A new generation must have a more open mind and more critical everything around them.



French Cinema Actor Pénélope Blazicevic

By Azad Karimi


I would like to say that this issue and nine other issues of my interviews are dedicated to a film group from France. I corresponded with them and dear Pepette did the relevant work and agreed to represent her group and help me a few months ago. She plays in Elizabeth role in the film.

 When I share other issues, I will tag them with the Pepta Facebook wall. I wish the best to this dear film group in France. I wrote about teamwork. It is very interesting and useful when some people work together to realize a project. Because cooperation and joint efforts increase work efficiency. Like what happened in the case of ISIS, the world stood united against this terrorist group, which is sponsored and supported by Iran and Turkey. I lived in Erbil at the time of the rise of ISIS. The largest city in Iraqi Kurdistan. It was a hot day in June 2014. Suddenly, it was reported that a group of 300 terrorists carrying black flags had entered Mosul and that the Iraqi army had fled without resistance, and that their commanders had come to Kalak Yassin Agha in Kurdish women's clothing and some of them without military uniforms. And they have surrendered to the military forces of Kurdistan. Kalak i Yassin Agha town is on the Zab River and I went there. I went there with a colleague in December 2012 and I wanted to go to Mosul. The city that is very dear to me and its east coast, which is the ancient region of that city, reminds me of the nostalgia of the proud history of the people of Kurdistan. His mother, who was originally from Mosul, told me that it was not possible, because federal officials are very sensitive to Kurds of 36-degree section going to this city and you are also one of the Kurds of Iran and this creates a serious problem. Unfortunately, we could not go to Mosul, but I heard in Erbil that the federal authorities, in cooperation with the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, have started many projects and that many Iranian Shiites are trusted by the Tehran government in Mosul and work there. Because they are trying to turn Mosul into a Shiite city, and the Tal Afar Shiite Turkmen were and are very close partners in this project. Turkey was very unhappy about this and during the civil war in Syria, in which Iran played a leading role, it armed a group and they took the black flag in Raqqa and headed towards Iraq to take the control of Mosul, the Sunni Arab big city and they succeeded. Saddam tried years to turn Mosul from a Kurdish city to an Arab city, and later Iran and the Iraqi Shi'a government were working together to turn this city into a Shi'a state with Raqqa until Damascus: The Shi'a state of Sayyid Khorasani and with the support of Abdul Malik al-Houthi in Yemen and the destruction of Saudi Arabia, celebrate the victory in Baghdad and prepare the ground for the emergence of the imaginary Imam Zamaan of the Shi'as. You and I laugh at this, but it is a religious belief. This is an institution in the Shi'a of the Twelve Imams. Ali Khamenei thinks he is Seyyed Khorasani. Because he was born in Khorasan. But in Turkish Kurdistan, we also have a city called Khorasan and the people there are not Twelver Imams. We have villages called Khorasan in Iranian Kurdistan. This Seyed Khorasani is probably from Kurdistan, not eastern Iran. The interesting thing is that this Sayyid Khorasani is not a Shi'a and has a cross around his neck. So why has the Islamic Republic of Iran entered this game?

The illusion of superiority over others.

But one thing is clear, the Iranians and Turks hate the Kurds because the Kurds control the great sources of water of the Tigris, Euphrates, Aras, Zab, large and small, Sirwan and Diyala, and the central regions of Iran and Turkey will get a problem because of drought, soon. Therefore, the extermination of the Kurds by Iran and Turkey and with the cooperation of Iraq must be done. This is a doctrine. Iraq needs water. Therefore, tolerating Turkish and Persian servitude is more pleasant for Iraq than accepting Kurdish supremacy. So it has entered the game of the Islamic republics of Iran and Turkey. Baghdad is the land of the endless well that will not be filled if all the world's oceans are turned into money and flow into it. Saudi Arabia, wall to wall with Baghdad, is involved in the Yemeni affair, Iran has done it, Turkey has taken Qatar, and Saudi Arabia has been paying attention there also. Iran has distracted the world with its nuclear game. And the card of enmity with Israel is also in the hands of Iran and Turkey. Again, the Kurds must be destroyed once and for all. Therefore, by distracting the Kurds to the issue of Sinjar, Kirkuk, Syrian Kurds, PKK, Artsakh war, cutting the budget of Iraqi Kurdistan and arresting 70 Iranian Kurds and keeping it silent at the international level, and showing a short video with fake subjects about leader Barzani in Iran, announcing the expropriation The weapon of Cyprus and the negotiations with Greece by Turkey are only for the attack on Syria and Syrian Kurdistan, which will take place soon. Turkey is waiting for the Syrian peace talks to fail in order to attack Syrian Kurdistan. Therefore, a peace agreement is necessary. Of course, Bashar al-Assad should not take this as a sign of his victory, because he has many enemies in the world, and he will find himself defenseless against an uncontrollable madman by sacrificing the Kurds of northern Syria. Because no one is defending him, but at least with the Kurds he can save his country from the danger of destruction by the Turks. Bashar al-Assad can save the world from the danger of a very big war. Because with the occupation of Syrian Kurdistan, a very big war will take place with very terrible consequences. Therefore, I explicitly say that Seyyed Khorasani will never act in the way of the goals of the ruling Iranian Shi’as and the ruling Sunnis in Turkey. He is not from Khorasan, Persia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, or Turkey. So Bashar al-Assad must think of saving his country by helping the Kurds in the Euphrates region. Middle Eastern countries have been deceived into believing that US and European influence in the Middle East is over and that Russia and China will dominate the region. The behavior of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq preten this. China loves this game and has taken it seriously to swallow the Middle East. China is trying to busy the Western world by sedition in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Therefore, the war that Turkey is waging in the Euphrates is a decisive war, and the Kurds of the world, Israel, the Arabs of the world except for Baghdad, Europe, and the United States, Canada, and Australia must be held responsible.

As a journalist and observer, I do not see anything else on the horizon. I wish good health and success to dear Pénélope.



Thank you!




 1- Please present yourself: Name, education, Civil status and...

.My name is Pénélope Blazicevic, I 27 years. I had study law in university. Dance, music in conservatory of Nice. After, I had practice theater. Now, I work in store, a brand is Escales. I have a boyfriend, since 4 years. I have a child, He is a little boy.


2-What is your artistic speciality?

.My principal speciality is dance, I practice dance since I am younger. After I had study different speciality, music and theatre.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art?

.Since I am younger, my passion is art. My grand father was an artist, he practiced dance, theatre and Music. He played in a movies, for example Fan fan la tulipe. Since I am younger, I want to become an artist. My grand father is an example for me.


4- Who was your motivator?

.My motivator is my family.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

.My mother, my sister, my grand mother and my boy friend are very happy. They encourage me a lot.


6- When did you become such a professional artist, Cinema Producer? .Since always I want to become cinema actress, same my grand father. My grand father is dead when I was children, he always wanted in family, a people become an artist.


 7- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a Cinema Producer?

.Yes, I am thankful and happy, it’s a real opportunity for me. I am not a professional actress but I want to progress.


8-What is your opinion about the material and spiritual support of the government for a film without interfering in the work of the film? .Today I think, art culture Cinema are not diversify. A cinema, and category cinema is not diversify. For example Science fiction is not recognized in a world than other category. Priority for realisator is dramatic, romantic, comedy. I think science fiction should have a same place in cinematographic culture. It’s same for art and culture. Not all art forms are recognized enough.


9- How do you see the view about art, culture, Cinema?

.I think not a particular movement for new generation. I think a new generation should be interested all cultures and art forms. A new generation must have a more open mind and more critical everything around them.


10- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generations in your country and so on?

.A question is complicate. It’s depend field. Politic, economic, social, finance. I think it’s a personal opinion. But I think more respect, open mind, and solidarity between people, would be a good start.


11- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

.No, I said everything.


12- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?

 .Pepette forwarded a link:

Delphine RÉAT • Comédienne •

Delphine RÉATComédienne •