French Dancer Bill Wang

By: Azad Karimi

When other people need help if self abilities and available should contribute self kind ,this is for personal, if want make the world much better ,I think vote a smart and good leader, criminal must hard punishment,and do best do t hurt good people .let society relation balance.



French Dancer Bill Wang

By Azad Karimi


In the Middle East, people mostly sat on the ground and leaned on large pillows. Therefore, having a good and beautiful underlay was also a luxury. The best carpets in the world are woven in Kurdistan, which is known as Hawshar.

The quality of these carpets is very high and they are called Pakhor. That is, the longer they travel on it, the longer it lasts.

In the 7th century AD, in Bestun, the Sassanid capital, near Krmashaan-Kurdistan, there was a carpet in the royal palace called Paakhasarw, which was woven from gold and silver fibers as well as jewelry.


In Kurdish culture, the carpet is a manifestation of human. The golden warp of light and the silver weft of water and its frame is made of wood, which symbolizes the earth, and with the blow of Dafa, which symbolizes the air.These interpretations are ancient ritual codes and because the ignorant, the Ikhwani, and the Rafedi do not know what they mean, they consider it a sign of disbelief, of course, I saw that Google Translate translates the word Rafedi into Mystic. This is a forgery and it has been added to it for the last one or two days.These evil deeds do not save the worshipers of darkness. The truth is obvious.Mystics believe in manifestation, and manifestation does not exist in Islam because manifestation is based on reincarnation. Islam invalidates reincarnation, so Rafezi, Rafedi, or the Shi'a is not mystic. The Brotherhood is also clear. So fallacy and hypocrisy do not save them.Belief in a savior without belief in manifestation and reincarnation is false, so belief in an absent Imam is false.Hypocrites are struggling to save themselves these days. But their time is running out soon.All their media will be shut down soon. because there is no more lie to present to deceive people. They presented it and it is finished.


I wish my dear friend Wang all the best.


Thank you!




1- Please present yourself: Name, education, Civil status and...

. Wang middle school live in Paris.

2-What is your artistic speciality?

. I feel I like many things, but did few ,32 years start touch ballet ,like photography take pic ,because sensitive,sometimes can know something,easy know people ,good speaker ,write paper not bad.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of art performing?

. Never thought I relation with ballet before , Paris life not happy and don’t know when I fly ,so I google map dance found a dance studio ,because my body was super flex and beauty memory,I think maybe I can find something to do let me recover split , I think beauty can grab look luck ,and my memory about my body real good , I want show myself again.


4- Who was your motivator?

.Before see a Chinese girl play hip pop dance ,very sexy ,very flex ,I m always confident and like catch that ,I believe I can recover flex ,I can sexy also ,actually I like I m charm one.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

. My parents no have reaction.


6- When did you become such a professional Dancer-Artist?

. I’m amateur,not professional,I thought if who controlled my life here ,when I was very very passion time and I m very hard practice that ,I was pray that moment they can kind let me go to dance ,but too sad ,always no money ,often cry for this ,3 months can’t get some hundred go to dance ,final leg broken ,have some mood relation with this After that they stopped a while drama.


7-Tell us please: What is Dancing logic? What is role of dance in our life?  

.Everyone dance feel different,because mind and talent different,temperatures different also ,I think because a beauty heart eyes can make dance feel beautiful also ,and people s will different,so express results different,ballet can express character .dance is excise good for body ,like it can enjoy ,and make body beauty and make temperament better ,if can do good dance ,I think people many part are not bad ,that’s abilities also ,if I find a partner,I believe dance make me much charm for him.


8- Dance giving us happiness, how did dance come about?

.I don’t know.


9- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as Dancer artist?

. I’m happy I can know I can dance ,before never thought this topic. I think I dance feel is good ,can find my passion and power and charm from my active,but when I hurt my leg after ,the world become dark , I ask why mistreat me ,now recover lot ,but I become fat ,and because have many sad in Paris ,I can’t very concentrate that ,because somethings make me lost some confident,but I know I like dance.


10- Do you have a program to record and maintain indigenous dances in France or Europe or elsewhere in the world?

. I haven’t.

11-Do you not think that an international institution, university or institute should be established to preserve and develop these indigenous dances?

. I think that ,I only focus I like ,that to do.


12- How do you see the view about art, culture?

. Art culture is invisible com wealth ,it can change the world ,can made life much beauty wonder and value ,culture group different rude group ,that’s why I prefer white ,but French make me very sad.


13- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generations in your country and so on?

. I feel do many things I can influence other people or many peoples ,and when I dance I feel many people feel happy ,especially I feel happy , I use my energy let many street or metro people feel wow today is not bad , because in my dance can get passion love , I don’t think that ,if like if can do ,simple go to do self like ,if think that ,I think that’s not a dancer.


14- How can you help our world become a better place to live?

. When other people need help if self abilities and available should contribute self kind ,this is for personal,if want make the world much better ,I think vote a smart and good leader ,criminal must hard punishment,and do best do t hurt good people .let society relation balance .paris is a good city ,have lot of artists,history and now ,so here is cultural place ,but criminals much also.

15- Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers?

. I love you ,32 years start learn dance ,feel still not bad,you can also.