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Kurdish Singer-Performer

Aslika Qadir

By Azad Karimi

Aslika Qadir the legendary created this masterpiece for the history of our nation when she was a twenty-two-year-old girl. Ms. Aslika is a magnificent and great woman. . In this song, she says about Kurdish girls and brides that they are like heavenly fairies.


Kurdish Singer-Performer

Aslika Qadir

By Azad Karimi


Our country is Kurdistan

The place and home of we Kurds

Our country is our heart and soul

The Kurdish nation, are all brothers

The place and home of we Kurds

It is all over the garden and orchard

The land is the flower, is the  rose garden

The Kurdish nation are all brothers

Our country is so lovely

has the meadows and fields

Its daughter and bride are beautiful

They are originally the fairy

Our Kurdistan is the ornament

its congregation is very respectful

Its integrity is valuable

Our country is paradise

Our country is Kurdistan

The place and home of we Kurds

Our country is our heart and soul

The Kurdish nation are all brothers

These words are the lyrics of the famous patriotic song of my homeland, Kurdistan. The melody belongs to Farkhi Baamarni and the lyrics are written by Anwar Maayi the martyr, a Kurdish writer, poet, and fighter at the beginning of the first Kurdistan war with the Iraqi government in 1963

This war started on September 11, 1961. The song was composed and arranged and performed by Yerevan Radio Orchestra in Armenia in 1963. The singer of the beautiful, unforgettable, and eternal song is the great Kurdish artist Aslika Qadir. Please click the link below and listen to this song


Aslika Qadir the legendary created this masterpiece for the history of our nation when she was a twenty-two-year-old girl. Ms. Aslika is a magnificent and great woman. In this song, she says about Kurdish girls and brides that they are like heavenly fairies. One of these Kurdish fairies was killed today in Kasra Hospital in Tehran. A twenty-two-year-old girl named Jina Amini from Saqez, the city where I was born had gone to Tehran with her family to visit her relatives

Like many Kurds, she had two names. Jina is a Kurdish name and Mahsa is a Persian name that is registered on her identification papers. I think you all know that Kurdish names are forbidden to be registered on Iranian birth certificates, so parents are forced to provide a Persian or Arabic name for their children so that the Iranian civil registry office can issue a birth certificate for the newborn Kurdish child

On the street, when she was holding her brother's hand, the cannibalistic policemen of Tehran's mullah regime arrested her, and two hours later, she was delivered to Kasra hospital while she was in a coma. The stupid, crazy, and criminal agents of the Iranian regime injured her with hard blows on her head and she died due to torture

From here, I tell the people of the world that Jina was a healthy girl and did not have any special underlying disease. She was tortured and killed. The Islamist-terrorist regime of Iran's mullahs and their affiliated forces killed her

The defencelessness of the Kurdish nation was revealed today, more than ever. Therefore, I remind all the Kurds of the world, regardless of their religion, and in whatever country they live, to think about establishing an international Kurdish agency and send a representative to the United Nations. It is a universal right for the Kurdistan nation to have a representative in the United Nations. I ask Kurdish institutes and organizations in Europe and America, political leaders, thinkers, businessmen, writers, and Kurdish artists all over the world to feel responsible and take action. Today is the day of action

This is the genocide. It is the same problem that has plagued us for two centuries and we must solve this problem. We must cut and destroy the hands of the enemies and their will. They want to destroy us. on schedule

If you believe in the establishment of an independent government or not, if you are a federalist or not, it doesn't matter, we should all try to establish the Kurdish International Agency. This is a practical measure to preserve the survival of a nation of seventy million people according to United Nations documents

The United Nations cannot disobey our request because the Palestinians and the Baha'is are not the government, but they are represented in the United Nations. From here, I warn the Kurdish political parties not to prevent the establishment of this agency with unnecessary and ideological interference, but rather they should be helpful and open the way

I request all my friends around the world to join the campaign of our Kurds to survive in the world, in Kurdistan, the land of our ancestors, which is the starting point of human creation and modern human civilization

I warn the violent regimes of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria that their interventions and conspiracies will not go unanswered and if they do not create a border for violence against the Kurdish people, their violence will return to them with a very terrible and devastating intensity. This is a very serious warning

I am calling on the International P.E.N Association, Hollywood, Journalists Without Borders, opera artists around the world, international feminist organizations, world-famous singers, musicians, painters, journalists and politicians, the Protestant Church, and AIPAC, American Israel Public Affairs Committee to join our campaign to create an international agency. Join the Kurds. This is a human duty and mission

In the end, I offer my condolences to the family of Jina Amini the Kurdish fairy. I also offer my condolences to the people of Saqez and the great nation of Kurdistan... Today, all Kurds in the world are mourning a beautiful and innocent girl from their huge family

God bless our ancient nation and our holy land. Be patient, but cultivate in yourself a holy grudge and a holy sense of vengeance, and teach your children how criminals unite to destroy them. Therefore, we must be more united than ever to beat the heads of criminals under our feet and celebrate freedom, independence, and pride and create a future full of peace and tranquillity for ourselves and the people of the world

Condolences to those Iranian women who are victims of the systematic violence of the corrupt, terrorist, and the criminal Iranian regime. Condolences to that part of the Iranian people who are shedding tears in the mourning of Jina/Mahsa today


I wish success and health to the legend, beautiful, and great Aslika Qadir


!Thank you

Østland- Norway


Please present yourself: Name, education, Civil status

I, Aslika Qadir, a radio artist from Yerevan, was born in 1945 in the village of Elegez, in the Republic of Armenia. I studied primary school in this village for ten years and finished it in 1963. In the same year, I took a position in the department of Farsi language and literature in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Yerevan State University. He graduated from university in 1968 and became an expert in Persian language and literature, as well as Armenian language and literature. For many years, he taught in schools in Armenia, then went to the ministry of enlightenment and worked as a Methodist


?What is your artistic specialty

Musician and singer


When and how did you become interested in these fields of art?

I first heard the song from my father. He always used to speak at home and sometimes in the village community

My father's older brother, that is, my uncle, was exiled to Siberia during Stalin's regime. For him, my father used to cure his pain and suffering with the thorns, which fell on his brother. He was singing until he fell asleep and his tears were falling on his face. We were always waking up from his voice. His brother was still in my father's dream... Of course, the role of weddings and village songs left a great impression on me, they made me love Kurdish folklore and become a small part of it. When a wedding ceremony was taking place in the village, adults, and children were getting ready there, there was nothing much in the village, the wedding ceremony brought joy to our hearts

The sound of Daf and Zurna(Zrna, Surna) was calling everyone. Men and women were dancing, singing songs, and going around each other. This is my first lesson about our culture

Kurds are a folkloric nation, perhaps it comes from the fact that we are the children of the mountains, we love the flowers and lilies, the plains and the meadows, the sound of rivers and streams, and all kinds of animals. In a relaxed atmosphere, away from everyday problems and on the plains and the roof, the singer gives freedom to his feelings, shouts by releasing, and shares his/her pains and sufferings as well as the love hidden in his heart to nature.

Our songs come from local sources, they are far from the elements of foreign songs, that is, they are completely Kurdish and belong to us. Every song has its own story, the people of Kurdistan express their words about heroes, martyrs, and their loved ones. Our slang is like a deep and colourful sea, that is, what happens in life becomes songs. In short, our songs are a mirror of the life of our people and every Kurd sees himself in them


?Who was your motivator ?When did you become such a professional Singer

I never thought that I would become a singer. When the September revolution started in the south of Kurdistan under the leadership of M. Mustafa Barzani, we, the Kurds of the former Soviet Union, were so happy. We said that now our country will be free and we will become our state

The university was beside the Yerevan radio station and I, as a student, went there for two aims to get news about the revolution, and to know what is happening in Kurdistan

There I met many of our luminaries: Khalil e Chachan, who was the boss of the radio station at that time, and our poets: Fekik e Usiv, Mikayil e Rashid, Wazir e Esho, as well as Egit e Djmo the distinguished musician Zurna

Once, he heard my voice, he was very excited and said to me: We have prepared a song, almost exactly for your voice...The song was "Welatê me Kurdistan e", the lyrics were written by Anwar Mayi, and the tune was set by Farkhi Baamarni

This was the beginning of my singing. But let me say that I was not a professional because I had no academic background in music. My voice was God-given, the Kurdish nation loved my voice and I was recognized with this patriotic-partisan song. My voice spread to the four parts of Kurdistan, entered every Kurdish home, and took its place in the hearts of our people.

The late radio employee, the late Ahmad e Goge, once told me that this song was also noticed by the Shah of Iran, M. Reza Pahlavi. Why and how I didn't ask him the details, I don't know


?What was your parent’s reaction

The reaction of my parents was very positive. At that time, a delegation from Moscow came to Yerevan to record Armenian and Kurdish songs and take them to Moscow. Our music group, which was prepared by Egit e Djmo, should have entered the studio after the Armenian group. We had to go to the studio at 1:30. I had to go home in the evening. So that I don't get into trouble, Egit came to our house to take permission from my father. My father happily welcomed Egit e Djmo and said to me, "My daughter, you are doing a sacred thing, go and be with my brother Egit. What you are doing is for the benefit of our future generations..... My father wished me success and we left. I mean, neither my mother nor my father prevented me from singing, on the contrary, my father taught me the secret of male (Manly) songs


Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as Artist-Performer and Singer?

As an artist, I am happy that, more or less, I have contributed my work to the development of our culture. That our people dance and rejoice by my voice, and the people love me and applaud me... Isn't it gratifying that the nation appreciates you? I think this point is important for every artist


?How do you see the view about art, music, singing, and culture? What is your prediction for the future of art, song, and culture

. It is very important to have an independent state. If Kurdistan country is to be established, comprehensive laws will be established at the level of the government. We can work on our voice(aim), develop it, and make it stronger

Unfortunately, artists have limited resources. they do everything by themselves, so there are few quality songs. Now, however they want to read, there is no control and supervision. They are often influenced by Arabic, Turkish, and even Indian tones and melodies. They sing Kurdish, but their songs have no Kurdish color and lack the spirit of Kurdish culture as if they are pouring snake venom into our ears. Of course, I'm not too worried, maybe later real experts will come and sift Kurdish music

Sometimes I listen to the voice of, the Kurdish choirs. You see 50 to 150 boys and girls gathered in one place and the " conductor" leads them and by chance, everyone sings together

This is not serious or professional work. It cannot be described as a "choir", because the choir, apart from the first voice, also includes the second, third, and fourth voice classes



?What are the characteristics of a good song? Why do some songs become immortal

 Yes, some songs never get old, because they are about love, about the struggle and characteristics of the Kurdish people, they are my life...

For example, can we not hear old artists such as Hasan Zirak, Ayshe Shan, Muhmad Shekho, Hasan Djzrawi, Sharo ye Bro and many others? By their voice, we both cry and rejoice

They are very sweet to us. Their songs are unique in their tunes and words because they bring to mind the manners, traditions, and customs of our nation. Their songs are also about love and affection for girls and boys: "Berivane or The shepherd girl", "Tu dini or You're crazy of love", "Nakhşe Mirzo or Nakhsha daughter of Mirza", "Kevokim or I'm the dove ", "Ahmedo Roni or The Roni Ahmed ", "Lawke Metini or The Matini tribe's guy" and many others. But there are also songs, especially patriotic anthems, that stand up to the heavy weapons, playing their role as a front of resistance in the war.

These songs give strength and power to the peshmarga and warriors in the battles against the enemies and are the cause of raising the spirit of patriotism and making them fight for the freedom of the Kurdistan land. These songs make brave men and warriors find the motivation to fight and join the battle line. Almost one of them is the song "Welatê me Kurdistan e"


Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generations in your country and so on?

 Of course, I was an example to many young men and women. They want to be like me, that is, go in the way of the mind and benefit their nation


?How can you help our world become a better place to live

 It's a difficult question because no matter how hard the artists try, the authority has the final saying. They don't look that the world is enough for everyone, but totalitarians want everything to be theirs, they don't open the way for oppressed nations, and this is unfortunate.


?Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers

 I want them not to loos their hope, to go on the right path, and to save their language (Kurdish) as their eyes. First of all, they should know Kurdistan, then religion and faith, because what elevates people is the Kurdish land, Kurdistan


Aslîka Qadir












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