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Kurdish Journalist & Poet

By Azad Karimi

I write poetry for my feelings and the human goals in my idea. I don't give up on anything; I don't care what happens, because that's my belief. As for the media, I work based on belief, but I need factual evidence and data for every event and action I put in my work plan so that I would not be tied and kaput against reactions. 





Kurdish Journalist & Poet

Ezaddin Zaky Zada

By Azad Karimi


First I express my condolences to the family of Nasrin Qaderi and the people of Mariwan. The aggressive forces of the regime killed her with the baton on their head two days ago in her house in Tehran.

The Iranian regime is suppressing and killing the people who have demanded a fundamental revolution in Iran, along with the change of the extremist Islamic regime of Iran, regardless of the legal, legal, and ethical standards and international commitments.

The events in Iran started almost fifty days old. Those who didn't hear about it perhaps have now listened to what is happening in the country. This whole sacred revolution began with the killing of Jina(Mahsa)Amini.

On the day that Jina was killed, I wrote a note and published it on Facebook, declaring that the events of the coming days would be very unexpected. As you know, my words turned into reality, and even made me shocked, because God provoked the people of Saqez, Sanandaj, and Tehran to spark a great social revolution. Now you know that the world has risen to support this great revolution.

Thanks to the countries of The United States of America and Albania who held an informal meeting in the Security Council yesterday to condemn the regime of Iranian mullahs for killing people in this revolution. Of course, the Iranian people representatives as well as the representatives of the United Nations, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Albania, together with the representatives of other countries of the Security Council, expressed the cases of oppression and repression of the Iranian Mullah-Pasdar regime in a coordinated and substantiated manner.

Meanwhile, the statements of the representatives of Russia, China, and the UAE were contrary to other countries. Russia seized the opportunity and began to blame America, and of course, these statements had no legal basis. Russia buys drones from Iran to kill the people of Ukraine and let's not forget that they arrested 20,000 people in the first days of the attack on Ukraine because they were against the aggressive attack of the Putin regime on Ukraine. The representative of China also said about the power of the Iranian regime to solve its problems, of course, he means the same power of repression and killing that his regime did in Hong Kong and the Tiananmen Square incidents in Beijing. But the words of the United Arab Emirates representative, whose government has had complex relations with the mullahs' regime for years, were very ridiculous. He said that there is the oppression of people and violation of human rights all over the world. Of course, he is lying because women's rights are not violated in Norway, for example: Arab, African, and Muslim immigrant women who wear very strange hijabs, their hijabs in Norway do not cause them misery. In Drammen and Oslo, you see African women in headscarves who drive city buses or are employed in other jobs.

Do you see women in Arab countries, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries like Iran as free and happy as Muslim women in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark? Never! The government of the United Arab Emirates is a conservative country. First, the UAE representative's behavior was insulting because this meeting was about Iran, not other countries in the world.

However, the national social revolution of Iran, which started in Kurdistan-Iran, quickly covered Iran and stunned the world and its effects will be seen in the Middle East and even the world in the next two years.

Anyway, what is important is that we are not going back.

 Again, I offer my condolences to the families who lost their children in this revolution. I thank the free world led by the United States of America for supporting the Iranian people in this great revolution. Thank you very much for the women of Israel.

It is necessary to mention here that I have recently expressed my role clearly and that I think and act beyond party and ideological competition about Iran, therefore my efforts to create national unity to overthrow the regime of Iran's Mullahs-Pasdars.

Therefore, last week, as a Shurida or Ushidar, I asked the people who are the leaders of the Iranian opposition to come together and create a national association that has the role of the interim government and in this association, Mr. Reza Pahlavi's role is the spokesperson or the general secretary or the leader symbolic.

I asked them to unite together and I, as the flag bearer, will ask the leaders of the free world for help to deliver military equipment to us in exchange for the future government of Iran being a friendly government for the free world led by the United States of America and Iran should also play its rightful and legal role in the world and be committed to the implementation of international laws regarding the people of Iran.

They didn't answer me. They knew they have to do it even before I or anyone else suggested it to them but their pride and ignorance prevented them from accepting my offer.

Mr. Reza Pahlavi, who had previously rejected my manifesto, wrote a tweet in a dictatorial tone one day after my request, in which he asked the people to listen to the national order(his order) and go to a stone monument around Shiraz that place belongs to the tomb of Cyrus the Great.

Of course, there is no doubt that this place is not the tomb of Cyrus the Great but the point is that Mr.Reza Pahlavi published this tweet, exactly on the days when the chauvinists who support him and also the mercenaries who call themselves his supporters and take money from the Iranian regime started massive attacks on the Kurds and the flag of Kurdistan.

While during this revolution, I asked everyone that all the flags, including the flag of the lion and the sun (Pan-Iranians) and the flag of the sun (Kurdistan), follow the banner of the Kawiani flag or Ushidar flag.

Ushidar i Sakastani or Shurida Ashkenazi or Darwesh i Saqzei, Mashiah or Sayd i Khorasani or Zinduta is a revolutionary and freedom-loving personality who rebels against the oppressor ruling the city of Holy Fire (Saqez or ancient Kur Dilmun) with his manifesto and his tricolor, purple-red-yellow flag demands justice and calls to stop the bloodshed. He rises for the blood of oppressed youths who were killed by Duhak (Scorpion). The great Kurdish prophet, Zoroaster wrote about Ushidar in the 8th century AD and said that he and Ushidar are from Sakastan and he is also an Ushidar.

So Zoroaster is Ushidar I, Mazdak Ushidar II and  Zinduta or Sushyant are Ushidar III.

Ushidar the first and second, Zoroaster i Saqzi, and Mazdak i Kurmanishai (Kermanshahi) were killed, but Zinduta or Ushidar III will not be killed and he will finish his mission assigned to him by God the Creator. The torch in the hand of Ushidar III is called Kaiwa, Parham, Abraham, Bahram, or Kawu, and the symbol of Kaiwa is the red fire of Mars with the spirit of this fire which is manifested in its ashes purple color that is caused by the ashes of the vine... What keeps this fire under the ashes is the heat of the spirit of the holy wine.

Kaiwa, Kawiwa, or Glaucous color is a symbol of hope and victory. Basically, Eewa or Hiwa means hope in the Kurdish language. So Ushidar III, who is the 15th person of God the Creator in the story of Zinduta, announces his appearance with a torch of hope for victory, and I did.

Moses and Abraham are also Ushidars before Zoroaster. But John Baptist, Jesus, and Mani are not included in this category because their efforts were introspective, but Ushidar's struggles have a pragmatic aspect and a practical and combative approach. These three people are heralds of the final justice that will be established by God. They are witnesses. But the Ushidars try to establish justice themselves. In Jewish tradition, Cyrus the Great, king of the Medes, is also an Ushidar. Cyrus's mother was a princess. She is Lady Mandan the daughter of the Adjidhok king of Medes. At that time, the capital of the Medes Kingdom was Chardaru or Saqez. Cyrus's father named Kawis was the ruler of Dalahu mountain, Bistun and Paallah (ancient Lulubi), and Kur-Mai Nisha. Kawis lived in his castle in Gt-i-Stun (Bistun). From the time of the reign of Cyrus the Great until the end of the Sasanian dynasty, the administrative capital was Gt-i-Stun. It means 1200 years. The religious capital was the city of Saqez or Sakastan. Because the most sacred fire in the world(Kharuna) or the red fire of the boar (Abraham, Parham, Jamshid, Mars) was in this city.

Belief in justice in the culture of equality and scales means that punishment and reward are equal to human actions. Therefore, it is called a religious Baayi or a Baayi attitude. Baayi in the Kurdish language means the pan of the scale, and the meaning of religious Baayi is that the pans of the scale should be in the same row when measuring human actions. Baayi religion promotes balance in actions, thoughts, and attitudes, but it acts very strongly in dealing with oppression.

The first savior or Ushidar in the Baayi cult is the last king of the city of Kur-Dilmun, who saved the people, animals, and plants from the great storm twelve thousand years ago by building a great ship. His name is Khdr Eli-Khas. He is the same name as Mardukh, the Izad of creation. Enlil and Anu, the Izads of the Anunnaki family, gave him eternal life. Therefore, he is a human being with the attributes of Izadas. It means eternal and without death. Khdr-Elikhas was a wise man and believed in the immortality of wisdom. His teacher was his father Shurupak. He believed in spreading goodness and balance. His book has been published in English, French, Arabic, and Kurdish languages. I published his petition in Kurdish a few months ago. His religion is known as the Paak religion.

 Paak, Baayi, Chaak, and Bash all mean an equal share of wisdom balance. But Islam rejects all of these despite accepting the mission of some of these people because the Qur'an clearly says in two places that the culture of mythology is rejected. Therefore, Muhammad separates his way from the Ushidars and evangelists and fought against them.

I told Reza Pahlavi through my articles that if he keeps the respect of the people of Kurdistan and does not keep up with ignorant chauvinists, I will work for his kingdom. But in the end, he was not able to do this and by rejecting my request to establish the National Unity Association, rejecting my declaration explaining the future laws of Iran, and rejecting my role as Ushidar III as the flag bearer of the war against the dictator of Iran, he lost my support.

By reviewing my thoughts about Mr. Reza Pahlavi, the son of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the last legitimate king of Iran, I am not willing to cooperate with him, I do not consider him the future king of Iran, and even if he becomes the king of Iran, I am not willing to follow him because, in difficult and decisive moments, he left the people of Iran alone and took the path of division...

Also, he was hostile to God's Zinduta and denied him. Both he and others who consider themselves leaders of Iran are deprived of my support because they are afraid and run away from their moral and national duty although I asked them to fulfill their moral and national duty.

My support for the revolution of the people of Iran and the dear youth of this country will be until they also strive for true justice. I was willing to sacrifice myself so that no one would be killed, but Persian televisions in Europe and The United States of America suggested that the people of Iran did not want me as the savior.

I announce to these televisions that by continuing this dangerous and systematic method, they will only destroy themselves. I tell them if they do not follow the right path, they will soon be so needy and poor that they will not even be able to buy bread to survive.

In the final part, I present this introduction with a very popular song of mine to Lesbian women, although I am not a woman and I am not a homosexual woman, and I do not know the world of women, I have loved women and even to the point of worshiping love for one of them. Used to, therefore, from my point of view, the woman is a beautiful creature and without her, creation would be incomplete.

I don't care what women's sexual orientation is, but they are human beings and have defined rights, and their duties are also defined. They should try and accept their responsibility like men. But transgenders... I don't belong to this society but I am a common human like them. Yes! They are also normal human beings but their genital quality is not like that of abstract women or men and they have feminine or masculine emotions. Therefore, in human society, they should try and provide a normal life for themselves, find a job and go to university, fall in love, and if they commit a crime, they should accept responsibility for their actions.

Therefore, I dedicate this beautiful song to all those who strive to create a safe, beautiful world with democratic and secular societies with color trends and desires. Zinduta or Mashiah from the land of the Cross of Creation is trying to achieve this goal and has taken up the banner of the struggle to free humanity from the shackles of polluted and rotten traditions, to preserve beautiful and good traditions, and to create progressive and modern laws for the development of modernism in the world and the destruction of hunger and the destruction of illiteracy and the destruction of ignorance and the overthrow of dictatorship and totalitarianism...

My dear friend Ezaddin Zaky Zada, whose interview you will read, told me on the phone after being away for several years: You suffered a lot... Yes! I suffered a lot, but these sufferings were arranged for me by God to purify the soul of the one who gave him the greatest historical mission and strengthen his will ... If I go back to the past, I will accept my mission again. To serve God and his good servants. Because I love goodness and kindness and I love those who think like me and as God.

I wish success and happiness to my kind friend Ezaddin Zaky Zada. I have promised him that we will go together to free Kurdistan in the west of Iran. I have made this promise to many friends such as Ms. Aslika Kader, Ms. Nure Cawari, Ms. Kafieh Jalilian, Ms. Diana Shimon, Mr.Andrew and Ms.Laura Miller, my dear Felipe from Brazil, and many more of my friends around the world.

God shines the light of mercy and liberation on the world and has made us benefit from the gift of his dear and pure existence. I adjure him in his friendship to cast fear upon his enemies and to give us an iron will to dominate the lords of the underworld and his bloodthirsty and tyrannical representatives on earth.

Be in the shelter of God the creator. We are victorious because we are in His army. God always wins. Amen!



Thank you!





Please present your name, education, job, civil status, etc.


.I am Ezadin Mustafa Najmadin, also known as Ezzadin Zaky Zada. I was born in 1977 in a village in Erbil. I have a bachelor's degree in law and a diploma in health administration. My main job is journalism. I pay attention to language, work, and writing poetry. I am married, and now my wife, two sons, and two daughters and I live a rented house.


? What is your cultural specialty


.My main path of writing is poetry and literature, but as a job and effort to provide the necessities of life, I am also involved in writing and culture and work as a journalist.


?When and how did you become interested in this field of cultural work


.I was fond of free writing and independent reading from an early age, but I disagreed with school books. At the age of eight or nine, I read stories, novels, and poets books. Occasionally I wrote things that didn't become reliable texts. I finally wrote my first full-length poem in 1989, Waves of Hell. In 1996, I gave a radio project to Gulan Radio, I have since worked as a journalist.


?Who was your motivation


.Lol! sorry I laughed, I don't think there is motivation in this case but there is an attraction because motivation is something that is behind you, I think something that leads you to the goal is something in front of you and attracts you, for me, attractions, the emotional, conscious, and human world of writing, were the most beautiful things I could talk about from the oppression and injustice that occurred in the blind stages of life. I thought writing could convey their messages of tears, brokenness, and shame to the point of target and a look could become the water of the fiery water.


?What was the reaction of your parents


. Fortunately, our house was a house of books and reading. My grandfather was a mullah, and so was my father. My father was proud to know that my brothers and I had organized the caravan in terms of culture and pen. My mother, who was the pillar of work and household, carried the livestock’s products to the market and sold them, and was paying me to go to school. Later, when she saw that I had become an author, or when he heard my voice on the radio, he would talk about me with pride.


? When did you start as a professional journalist and poet



? You are both a journalist and a poet:

When did you become interested in this field of media work?

Of course, this is very important. How and when did the media discover your talent in this field?

-Please, tell us about the challenges and benefits of your job. For example, journalists and media reporters are often harassed, killed, or kidnapped in street fighting or international conflicts. Where do you think media security is headed? what should we do?


. I write poetry for my feelings and the human goals in my idea. I don't give up on anything, I don't care what happens, because that's my belief. As for the media, I work based on belief, but I need factual evidence and data for every event and action I put in my work plan so that I would not be tied and kaput against reactions. Also, if the issue is sensitive, you need authoritative support. Especially in our country and throughout the Middle East, because the political situation in the region is such that anything that becomes an obstacle to the interests of any side will be resolved by destruction and elimination. I have worked as a reporter for a short time, so I have had a few conflicts, but I have not been also without problems. Instead, I often got into trouble because of my critical and social programs on the radio. But working with evidence and data has enabled me to win these challenges. That is why I say that a journalist should always work on factual evidence. He-She should not fall into a pit and lose his name for the sake of fame. Regarding the consequences of media security, the individual has nothing left in power. But the thing is the universality of humanity in such a way that a bad situation of murder has engulfed the whole world to lighten the burden on the world, this has caused even human rights to turn a blind eye to many things, not a powerless journalist.


?What are the characteristics of professional poetry


.I think poetry has no framework to shape it. Poetry is like pouring a bucket of water in the mud. You don't know what will happen, suddenly you see a beautiful untargeted motif. So forgive me if I say that there is no such thing as professional poetry in my geography. What exists is poetry and that's it. However, we can identify the characteristics of solid poetry, which in my opinion (Rhetoric and fluency of words and language, formality, objectivity, and fantasy) give poetry the water of immortality.


  1. Are you happy because of your activities as a journalist and poet?

  .Your question is not about social life. Therefore, I say that I may not be happy, but my conscience is at peace because in this materialistic world, being rich brings you much happiness, which cannot be achieved by poetry and journalism.


?-How do you see the relationship between journalism and culture


 .Journalism succeeds when it has a cultural infrastructure, and culture needs the attention of the media.



Tell us to please:


?First, why should we follow social events and developments

.Humanity is a social system, so our social door frames must not be weak to have a stable home. Then we can carry out our other activities, so first of all we must heal the wounds of any social event that occurs, and before that, we must prevent any unwanted events from occurring so that the social system is not complicated, Didn't all the various activities of humanity disrupt with the advent of COVID-19, which disrupted the social system? Let me give you another example: If you and I are going to take an hour off after work and then meet in a cafeteria and talk about some project over coffee, etc... But if the city is suddenly shelled, if the social unit that is our city is destroyed, can we hold the meeting? Of course not! This is where we need to follow up on events and developments. 


  1. Second, what is the role of journalism and its results in our cultural behavior?

. For the second part of your question, journalism plays an active role in communicating cultural activities in the public social center. This gives value to cultural acts, while the media itself is a cultural act and has a cultural impact on the general public, both in terms of language and dialect and in terms of new styles and understandings. Therefore, I repeat that the media has a positive role and its consequences are again positive and advance the social sphere. 


  1. Third, what are the characteristics of a good journalist?

.As for the third part of your question, which you asked me about the characteristics of a good journalist, (To be Speedy and honest) are twins enough for the success of a successful journalist, because honesty earns trust and speedy gains first place.




 ?Why do some journalists immortal? Robert Fisk, for example. Neil Budde, Veronica Guerin. ...Anna Politkovskaya, Pavel Shermet and Oriana Fallaci?


.Because I don't have enough information about all the journalists you mentioned, I won't make it the key to getting into the base of the discussion. It can be said that the same two characteristics are the reasons for the success of journalists, are the reasons for their immortality. Of course, many other qualities cause journalists both to get succeed and keep immortal, but all of them are gathered under the umbrella of speed and honesty.



?How do you see the vision, the future of journalism and culture? You are a journalist; You have opinions for sure.


.In my view, journalism is the cane of the hands of political and business players and they easily move the pieces of the game with this cane. Unfortunately, journalism is a dim light now. As for culture, it can be said that it is trying to protect the sacred principles of society and humanity, has tried not to be a playing wand, but a shield of resistance even if he didn't appear to be in the war, but he/she has not given up.



?What do you think about the Pulitzer Prize and other types of international awards


.The famous Joseph Pulitzer, the owner of the New York World, his projects to humanity are more than annual awards in his name which is an accepted sacred act. In 1892, he sought to take journalism to the academic and professional level by opening the world's first college of journalism at Columbia University and by exposing the heinous inhuman incidents, putting an end to oppression and making the eyes of journalists the guardians of humanity and the oppressors afraid of their pens, therefore, an award with that name is worthy of respect. In general, awards are good and necessary and have many positive aspects for example, it promotes efforts and innovation, as well as a center for understanding and getting to know each other closely among writers, intellectuals, etc., in addition to the exchange of different cultures of the world and more familiarity.



?Do you think Reporters Without Borders is a news agency or a human rights media body


?If I say both! you won't complain!


?You are a professional journalist. Do you think you can be a good and successful journalist without a university education Of course, we have to keep in mind that being good and being successful have different meanings, and both of these, along with other standard elements of journalism, define the professional requirements for a professional journalist.


.I understand you...The academy has derived and shaped the principles of academic existence from the nature of pre-academic existence.

Therefore, a journalist does not have to be academic to be good and successful. However, an academic journalist who has a passion and desire is better and more successful than anyone else, while a passionate journalist is better and more successful than an academic journalist who is forced to do so.



`?Can you become part of the cultural movement to support and create hope for the youth or the new generation in your country and so on then


. Supporting young people is possible and we can do it, because people need tangible things in these fast-paced times, especially young people. But the task of creating hope is difficult because the light switch of the lamp of hope is in the hands of the ruler, he can light it, and he can extinguish it. Therefore, the conviction cannot be created by wise words and light shows, because neither a hungry stomach can be satisfied by wise words and prayer, nor an unemployed youth can find a job, and No and No...



?How can you help our world become a better place to live


.By eliminating the sense of domination and empowerment by the world's authorities, by restoring conscientious and moral relationships to humanity, whenever people no longer need laws to protect public and personal sacredness, we can renew our hope for this planet for a better life and stay it.


?Do you have more words to say or suggestions for our readers


. Let us all work together to develop conscientious and moral relationships, develop spiritual cultural channels and strengthen our contact with the God of existence.