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My main motivation is my Kurdishness and the history in which I have lived, but definitely, my family has helped me a lot in this way. I remember when many of my peers were reading children's books, my family would give me novels by famous authors such as Maxim Gorky, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Balzac, and Matthiessen, and after reading the books, they would talk to me. It is better to say that Kurdistan is a place where children grow up early.



Kurdish Author & Translator

Behzad Khoshhali

By Azad Karimi


I am happy to say about Mr. Behzad Khushhali that he, like me, is from Kur-Dilmun, the ancient city of the Izads Anunnaki clan's land. He is from Shurupak. I would like to say again that Shurupak is the Sumerian pronunciation of Shuridak or Shurida. Shurida means Sagittarius sign or the archer in the sky/zudiac.

Shurupak is the land of rebels, justice seekers, and the Guti caste.

Guti people were the primary judge and were known by the names of the Gdi, Khudi, Dkhuki, Khadiwi, Khwajayi, Gude-A, and Dahyukian-Medes Kingdom.

Shurupak is the land of bloodlust and raising the flag of the uprising against oppression and oppression. Shurupak is the land of the first national martyr: MliShipak, or ShmliPak, ShimriPak (pronounced Kashi Shurupak). Shmli or Shimri means sword and is a metaphor for the sixth finger of Mardukh, the god of creation. I wrote earlier that Shmli in the current Kurdish language means the sixth finger and a source of blessing and good luck. On the other hand, Shurupak or Turupak or Tirawesh means shooter, which is the archer's sign. Shurupak land is mixed with the blood of innocent youth from Siyaband, the father of Shanga-Khu, the Mythologic king, who was killed by the Khudes of the underground world, to Yima(Jamshid), Zoroaster, the young people whose scenes of death were carved on the wall of the Khursabad cave in Mosul by Sennacherib, Ashurbanipal, the kings of Assyria, until Jina Amini, Fereydun Mahmoudi, Fereydun Faradji, and other young people... whose blood was shed by the hands of the Islamic regime of Iran in the revolution of September 2022.

In previous articles, I have written a lot about the bloody history of Kurdistan and Saqez.

But the interesting thing that I always forgot to mention is that ShuruPaki or ShuruMagi are the same as Shurumai or Shumari. We call them Sumeri or Sumerian in modern history. Of course, the Magi castes or Paki castes are the Mithraic and Zoroastrian priests.

In other words, in the following millennia, they were also known as Shubartu or Subaru. But the Sumerians have used the term Sagiga or Shagiga for themselves in their texts, which means Shaki or Kashi, which is the same pronunciation as Paki or Magi and Kawi... 

The Kawis are the children of PariYam or PariMay, and Anunnaki Kings brought them from the land of Wahram or Mars to the city of Kur-Dilmun became to serve the Anunnaki royal family. They were the guardians of the red fire of Mars/Wahran in the sacred Aruwan Kawa temple or Kharuna.

Kharuna or Aruan Khawa by the scout-sacred boar symbol of Mithra's army with a rainbow purple color from a white light source when breaking and analyzing. Aruan Khawa in today's Kurdish language means the Thread of life.

I have never seen the history of any nation as clear and precise as the history of the Kurdish nation. Congratulations to the people of Kurdistan.

But why all this bloodshedding in Kurdistan?

The response is:To preserve freedom throughout history and in the last two centuries to regain freedom.

Before writing this introduction, I read terrible news about the number of children who were stolen in Kurdistan by the repressive forces of the Mullah-Pasdar regime of Iran between the killing of Jina Amini on the 16th of September, and today, the 5th of December... In this terrible statistic published by the human rights site called Hangaaw, it has been revealed that 300 children have been stolen in Kurdistan-Iran, and the names of 130 of them have been identified... The report states:

In the Kurdistan provinces of Iran (Sanandaj, Urmia, Kermanshah, and Ilam), this number of children have been stolen by gender, some of them have been released after severe physical and mental torture, but there is no information about the fate of the majority of them.


Sanandaj administration, 64 children (13 girls and 51 boys): Sna or Sanandaj (17 ), Saqiz (14), Sawllawa (11), Dewlan (10), Mariwan (4), Garus (3), Kameran (3), Qurwa (1), Bana (1)

Urmia administration, 30 children (2 girls and 28 boys): Piranshar(7), Mahabad(6), Sardasht(5), Shno(4), Sndus(3), Bokan(3), Urmia(1), Sayin Qala(1)

Krmaashaan or Kermanshah administration, 24 children (8 girls and 16 boys): Jwanro(15), Paawa(5), Rawaansar(1), QasriShirin(1), Sunghur Kulyaaii(1), Shaabaad(1)

Ilam administration, 12 children (4 girls and 8 boys): Awdanan (6), Ilam (4), Darashar (1), Deluran (1)

 People of the world! you are witnessing a disaster. Kurdistan-Iran is becoming like Rwanda, Myanmar, or Cambodia.

On the other hand, the news of the televised confessions of four young Kurds on Iran's state television has worried us all that Iran's regime of mullahs wants to create another disaster and execute them.

The names of these youth people are Pejman Fatehi, Wafa Azarbar, Mohsen Mazloum, and Hajir Faramarezi.

But I repeat again, what makes these events and tragedies not reflected in the world is the censorship of Kurdistan news by Shi’a-Pan-Iranism, which operates in Europe, North America, and Australia.

I raise a question again, does the issue of the inherent right to freedom cause massacre and genocide after the oppression of some people over others?

Which balanced and sane person can act like a death machine against the legal demands of others?

Only insane and traumatized mentally people with disastrous pasts can harbor so much hatred.

I say clearly that we will deal with the fascist and insane Shi’a Pan-Iranism with the strongest possible quality and we will wipe its traces from the land of Kurdistan unless the Shi’a pan-Iranists accept and show by their actions that they have good intentions and in Iran, they accept the full rights and benefits of citizenship for others and themselves in an equal way.

I remind you that Kurdistan is the graveyard of fascists. We buried Ottoman, Safavid, Qajar, Pahlavi, Iraqi Hashemi, Ataturk, Hafez Assad, and Saddam Hussein in the soil and survived.

Yes! The sign of Shurida(Sagittarius) is widespread in the sky of the Middle East, and it is the source of mercy and happiness for the Kurdish people and other nations, and a source of misery and destruction for the enemies of the Kurdish nation and the enemies of freedom.

Again, I give a firm warning to the supporters of Shi'a-pan-Iranism fascism. You will either have equal rights in Iran like us, or you will be buried in Kurdistan. Therefore, we will thwart your efforts even if the whole world supports you because these people(The Kurds) are very decisive and God has defined the boundaries of this holy land and supports it.

If you want a united Iran, you must accept the territorial federal system. You must respect the inherent rights and social freedoms of the people, otherwise, the solution is to declare independence. Very simple!

So think and act rationally.

Again, I offer my condolences to the families of the young people who were killed by the repressive forces of the Iranian regime all over Iran in recent days. But the bitter and ridiculous truth is that the number of those who are determined to overthrow this regime is less because the number of those who are enemies of the regime on their own inside but do not dare to act is very large.

But really, some fascist behaviors made us all think and act cautiously because fortunately during this time, many masks fell from the faces and we saw those who revealed their true nature. Dangerous people with satanic, evil, and totalitarian thoughts... but they are the toys of their own violent and dirty thoughts...

Of course, we will destroy the executors of these thoughts and will not allow anyone to implement these evil thoughts against us.

Regarding the recent three-day strikes that started yesterday, I must say that should be comprehensive and be a prelude to comprehensive demonstrations. Strikes alone cannot bring down the Iranian regime.

 Widespread demonstrations mean very large demonstrations because the Iranian regime and its lobbies in the world have always emphasized demonstration and propaganda, so it is necessary to disgrace this regime in front of its friends and enemies by showing widespread dissatisfaction. However, no one is his friend and those who supported him are only in love with the abundant money of this regime.

In the end, I warn some people who are Kurds and think they can say whatever they want because of fame or any other reason, to be careful with what they say because the consequences of those words and positions in the future will be very serious for them. I recommend moderation for these types of people... No one except the power and will of the people can decide the political future of the Kurdistan people in Iran, Turkey, Iraq, and Syria and accuse Kurdish patriotism of lying. They should learn to explain their opinions instead of sitting in a corner and insulting Kurdish patriotism in front of the camera. Everyone's opinions are based on reasoning, experience, and personal goals, not that your opinions are only insults to other people to get attention. If this practice is repeated, I will personally write their names and disgrace them for many reasons.

It is necessary to convey my and the people of Kurdistan's gratitude to those honorable members of the House of Representatives as well as the United States Senate who have demanded more support from the United States government for the people of Kurdistan in Iran, Iraq, and Syria. I hope this support also includes the Kurds of Turkey.


I wish happiness and success to my dear friend and fellow citizen Mr. Behzad Khushhali.


Thank you!

Østland- Norway




Please present yourself: Name, education, Civil status, and...

.I am Behzad Khoshhali, born in 1972 in Saqez city in Kurdistan, graduated in Laboratory science from Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, theoretical Economics from Bu-Ali Sina University in Hamedan, and Executive management from Iran Industrial Management Organization. Now I live in Germany as a political refugee.


?What is your artistic specialty

.I am an Autor, translator, and researcher and have translated and authored 59 books so far.


? When and how did you become interested in these fields of literature

I was interested in writing since I was a child and I used to choose short stories in my art class. Later, I wrote articles in newspapers and weekly magazines. I worked as an editorial board and editor in Kurdistan weekly newspapers, and many articles were published by me, but I started writing in the form of writing books when I was 25 years old.

The atmosphere of the society of Iran, Kurdistan, and my family were such that it has always been the focus of political and social debates and this issue is almost a common feature in Kurdistan families. I agree very much with this statement that Kurds are born with politics because Kurdistan has always fought for independence and it is rare to find a time when Kurds stopped fighting or did not make sacrifices in this way. I have also grown up with war, struggle, occupation, killing, prison, and injustice since I was a child, and maybe it is very natural for me to look for a way to free the Kurdish nation. I chose writing.


? Who was your motivator

.My main motivation is my Kurdishness and the history in which I have lived, but definitely, my family has helped me a lot in this way. I remember when many of my peers were reading children's books, my family would give me novels by famous authors such as Maxim Gorky, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Balzac, and Matthiessen, and after reading the books, they would talk to me. It is better to say that Kurdistan is a place where children grow up early.


? What was your parent’s reaction

.In my family and school, I was known as someone older than my age, I think, and this issue was the reason why my family paid more attention to me. Because of the family, it was a place where everyone could express their opinions regardless of age and gender. I had self-confidence more than others and when I chose writing, my family became my biggest support.

I have not forgotten to say one thing: before I went to prison on the charge of political activity, I had decided to choose the field of Economics for writing, and my first book was about money and banking, but with what I saw and endured in prison, I made a decision. I decided to devote my pen to Kurdistan and Kurds, and since then, except for one or two books and a few articles, almost everything I have written and is writing is for my land.


? When did you become such a professional Author, Political critic, and, Kurdistan history researcher

.The first book I published professionally was the translation of British secret documents about Kurdistan. This book quickly went to people and from time to time, I became known as a writer and translator. Other books such as the translation of the Genocide of the Kurdish nation and later the authoring of books such as the history of the Republic of Kurdistan earned me the title of a young writer, and because at the same time I wrote about the pains of the people and criticism of the government in Kurdistan weekly newspapers, I was considered as a The opposition introduced Iranian rule.


? What are the characteristics of a good literary work

.A good work must, first of all, contain the truth, be a documentary, have a powerful description, reflect a sense of authenticity, people can find themselves in it, have a suitable style, be far from stereotypes, and have novelty. be It should also have so many features that people recommend it to others. Of course, for the Kurds, perhaps the most important feature is that because the official narratives about them are usually contrary to the truth and even official lies, their truth should be told.


?How free is an author to write what he/she thinks are his-her ideals? How much can the norms and traditions of society inspire or hinder him-her

.The most important feature of a book about history is that it has an authentic structure, is based on facts and documents, and that various narratives about it are exposed to the reader's eyes so that if there is a judgment, it can be examined in various dimensions. Regarding historical events, the author has no right to impose his judgment on others because, as I said before, many official narratives about the Kurds are far from the truth and have been a justification for the continuation of occupation and oppression in Kurdistan.


? I would like to ask you about the books you have published recently! Tell us about the challenges, concerns, and motivations for writing and publishing it.

.Kurdistan and the Kurds and protecting the right of the Kurds for independence and freedom and giving credit to all their political struggles in this way are all my concerns and goals. The world still does not recognize the Kurds' struggle and their right to independence, or if it does, it has ignored them for its interests. My biggest mission is to introduce the Kurds and their right to independence, both to themselves and the whole world. The Kurds' right to freedom and self-determination is a natural right, a legitimate right, a political right, and a necessity.


?What is the importance of historical research books? Especially in Iran

Were you afraid of anything? Did you want to say something that got everyone's attention?

.A research work in a country whose treatment of Kurdistan is a state of occupation or internal colonialism should reflect what is based on the truth. As I said, the official narrative in Iran has been a narrative based on the justification of occupation, crime, repression, systematic violation of human rights, and falsification of facts, and the distortion of history, for example, has been a planned policy and an official policy. This is the problem that increases the role of the writer and researcher, who must both recognize and show the lies and seek the truth and bring them to the people. Therefore, by writing the first word, which is not like this, the author is facing a system whose main policy is lies and falsification and justifying the occupation, and he prepares himself to lose everything. It is very natural to be afraid here, but the real winner is the one who breaks through the wall of fear built by the totalitarian or the occupier and stays true to the truth forever.


?Why do some books become immortal

.A book written by the people, in the people, and for the people, will be immortal.

A book that tells about the people, is melted in the people, and is for the pains and concerns of the people. Of course, in the case of stories and novels, this issue is different.


?Are you thankful and happy because of your activities explain them one by one.

.When you see that people are satisfied with you, respect you and admire and encourage you, or when you feel that you have become the voice and pen of a nation that is fighting for freedom, it is the greatest honor of life achievements. Becoming immortal in people's hearts is the greatest achievement.


? How do you see the view... about literature, culture, politic, and the future of the world after the Islamic regime 

.The world after Iranian totalitarianism will probably be strange. The documents that will be revealed, the confessions that the criminals will make, the victims that will tell about the crimes, and the shame elite for those who, for their interests, closed their eyes to the truth for many years.


? Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generations in your country and so on

.I hope I can be a part of this great honor.


? How can you help our world become a better place to live

.I am always looking for a creative illustration and an educated imagination and I have tried to do this with a pen. I can claim that one of the greatest shames in human history is the captivity of the Kurdish nation, and the day the Kurds are freed, the sun will shine warmer and the colors will be more and more beautiful.


? Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers

.Love is a small word with a big question mark, and whoever answers this question mark more and bigger will be closer to eternal salvation.


گەڕان بۆ بابەت