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By: Azad Karimi

I love to do psycho magician’s drawings, projecting well vie to health the world and my own life. I like to think that brings hopeful to this world that what I do when I draw.


I had a friendly interview with my dear friend and esteemed Brother Jose Maria Arpino from Cordoba, Argentina.

I prefer to show all our conversations to my friends around the world.
No need for further explanation and introduction!

Azad Karimi



 With my honour and respect.


A-Dear Jose what are you doing Now?

I’m designing a book for a client trying to finish doing some art and putting my hands in the ground to give love to my plants.



A-I’m watching your video...Who has made? Are you
director of the movie?

Shpongle made it.


A-Tell me about your style! What is your style?

I don’t know really. I love to do psycho magician’s drawings, projecting well vie to health the world and my own life. I like to think that brings hopeful to this world that what I do when I draw.
And my work of illustration is digital collage and drawing coloured in Photoshop for magazines using the visual alphabet to complete the texts. all use the translator to share with you a text of a exhibition


-When you started drawing?

 When I was kids, never stop doing.


- When you started the digital college?

15 years ago.


-When you started working with magazines?

 In 2008 a design firm gave me the first work illustrating a magazine from the ministerial' of education of my province.


A- Have you Bachelor of digital college?

I start studying but i don’t finish the graphic design career.
I’ll do my road working and learning from the people to admire.


A- What are your inspirations? How you get motivation? Nature, magic, love, my wishes of a equal world.


A- Bravo! What is an equal world according to your views?

I like to think in a collective construction, a horizontal world with the collaboration of each one of us with the benedictions that we bring from the cradle, conscious network.


A- How do you look at the politic and art?

 I think most politicians are corrupt by power, but now people are awaking and trying to change the situation. How did it happen in Chile in 2019? I think we have to decentralize power and back to the squares, face to face working together with common objective. Peace and abundance for everybody.
For me art it’s a way to tell the truth in a universal language, the mysteries of the unconscious. For me it’s a healing tool.


A- Say about equality, because you can’t wish to make an equal world without equality. What do you think?

I think multinational companies loot the land for the benefit of a few and create inequality, driving ancestral communities off their land, pushing poverty. They generate inequality and hatred. They raise false Gods and manipulate public opinion to continue doing what they have been doing for 200 years. As long as this happens there are no equal rights.


A- Ok! But I meant women rights!

What do you think about that?
I think we are equals, each one have a energy that complement the other. The dual universe with the moon and the sun turning the world it’s an example of the perfection of the one. I believe we have to contemplate the magnificence of the totality to learn the biggest lesson of our lives, forbidden to forbid.


A- Last question: What is the role of Indian art in Latin American art?


Keeping traditions alive, connecting with the sacred, in all cultures, both the jungle and the great civilizations, art is sacred, living memory.

A- Thank you... If you have something to say, you’re welcome!

- Thanks to you! A better world its possible, keep the faith, do good without looking at who.
I'll share a video that resume my total think:



A-Nice! I will write down and publish our interview in the possible soon. Ok? Have you child?
- 2 girls!

A- God bless your babies and family! Is your wife artist also?
- No, she is a holistic therapist

A- I wish the same for you.
- Peace and benedictions to you! If you came to Argentina someday you can count with me too! I continue working!

A- Thank you my friend. You’re merciful and Gentleman. I wish to visit your country and your family.

- Carpe diem!!

A- Gracias!




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