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By: Azad 

Of course, the idea is that young people can be entrepreneurs, full of dreams, they can help themselves to be who they have to be. The Tarot can help you to come out of the closet, to be authentic.



Carlos Victor Ripoli, Argentinian Tarot reader

By Azad Karimi


What we know about future? What is the future? Undoubtedly, anybody knows that. Because the future is an abstract concept in mind and we know one abstract concept don’t gives a unit concept in the mind and so everybody describe by his-her imagine that abstract concept.
But, some of us don’t accept this shape of performance that I did about the future concept. They believe that the future is written by God, and we, humans, are alive for experiencing these pre-written in the book of destiny.
Some of us , also believe the management of our world is parted between different forces and this forces are controlled by Gods and Goddesses and when they be agree on a unit topic they let to happen an event for human.
Finally we know the materialists and their theorist Engels made constant use of the metaphysical insight that the higher level of existence emerges from and has its roots in the lower. So they left the way open for predicting the future.
So, I can’t write down more because I have nothing to say. Let me refer you to Carlos.
I wish dear Carlos Victor Ripoli success and happiness with a long life.
God Bless you my friend!

Azad Karimi ,Norway



1-introduce yourself (name, studies, marital status and ...)
My name is Carlos Ripoli, they call me Charly. I am 33 years old. I am a Tarot reader, teacher and marketing manager. I studied the Tarot all my life.


2-what is your specialty?
Therapeutic Tarot, a way of making people see how they can transform their lives from their own capacities and actions.


3- What is Café Tarot?
They are my two great pleasures; there is nothing more pleasant than having a delicious coffee and talking about Tarot. That is why "Cafe Tarot"


4- What is the Tarot?
It is a tool of self-knowledge, it allows us to see the past, present, future, it shows us our actions, it helps us to have possibilities, to improve our life. Each card is called Arcanum which means secret, it will always reveal different things to us, there are many ways to use it, it is not well known how it came to earth, but there are several theories, we will never know.


5- Is it art ? Magic? Metaphysical phenomenon? Entertainment?
It can be all that, magic, metaphysical phenomenon, entertainment, a game, it can be whatever you want, the deck adapts to its owner.


6- When and how did you become interested in this field of work?
Since I was 13 years old, I come from a family that is a Tarot reader, witches, sorcerers; these mystical themes are common in my family. So from a very young age I was interested. When my mother went to work, she began to read her magic books and that's how I learned over the years.


7- Who was your motivator?
I don't know, I think it's just me. I don't endorse anyone. It just happened.


8- What was the reaction of your parents?
Well, my mother is a Tarot reader, my aunts are also Tarot readers, my family is full of witches. So basically, they already knew that I would also be a Tarot reader. But they never taught me, they let me just venture into the world of Tarot. If it had to be ... then let it be.


9- When did you start as a professional Tarot reader artist?
I was with the Tarot using it only for me until I was 28 years old, from then on; I began to be more professional and to help people to answer their questions, to guide them and to be better, then in parallel I began to give Tarot classes. Today I have a Tarot school in the city of Cordoba.


10- Are you grateful and happy for your activities as a Tarot reader artist?
The Tarot saved my life, in my darkest moment, it gave me the best advice, the Tarot made me meet many beautiful people, it generated income, learning, beautiful moments, so yes, I am super grateful and happy with the Tarot.


11- What do you think about your work of art?
Each tarot reader is a different world, it is varied, it is different, it evolves according to the years, it is an art that can adapt and help you in the situations that you are. I think it is a magical element that each person should learn to use.


12- Can you be part of the artistic movement of motivation in the youth or new generation in your country and so on?
Of course, the idea is that young people can be entrepreneurs, full of dreams, they can help themselves to be who they have to be. The Tarot can help you to come out of the closet, to be authentic.


13- How can you help our world to become a better place to live?
With the Tarot, as I said, each person should learn to read the tarot himself, since this element can help you to be a better person, to value more the earth, animals and people, it educates you, caresses you, hugs you. If we could use the Tarot as a way of life, we could get to enhance our abilities in the world.


14- Do you have any more words to say or any suggestions for our readers?
Yes, do not allow anyone to want to change you, be you, be authentic, be who you have to be, be free, survive whoever governs, whatever happens to the planet, control your life on your own.
And if you want, you can consult the Tarot to see how you can improve as people in certain situations.

So in advance thank you very much for the interview. A hug to all.






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