Ukrainian Circus artist, Aerialist Oleg Valko

By: Azad Karimi

About Culture and Entertainment... for me, they are related to entertainment without culture impossible.  then some kind of Middle-Ages.  But together they create something beautiful.  remind people how beautiful our world and the role of man in it can be.



Ukrainian Circus artist, Aerialist Oleg Valko

By Azad Karimi


It was interesting to me when I read Oleg's writings and saw the judgments of some people in his country about his interesting job.

For example, some have asked him if he would like to be a clown.

This is while joy, carnival, and circus are important parts of European culture. People pay to laugh and rejoice, but at the same time, they can not imagine themselves creating laughter and happy moments. That is, they do not see the power in themselves to produce happy and funny moments for others. People want to have fun and laugh, but they do not want to make others laugh. Because it is considered ridiculous by them, and according to social custom, it is useless.


In Kurdistan, a clown was called Gelo or Gelhol ... meaning someone who makes others laugh with her inverted actions.

Naturally, being Gelho is an art. Some people with special wisdom, mischief, courage, and talent can shine in this field of art. . Some of them have even suffered political misfortunes and troubles. For example, Loti Saleh, who was Gelho or Talkhak in the court of Karim Khan Zand the king of Kurdistan, Persia, and Luristan. He was a rich man.

When Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar came to dominate the central regions of Iran and Persia, He massacred the Zand family. Zand is a very ancient Kurdish family.

Agha Mohamad Khan was a ruthless, greedy, and oppressive man. He massacred the people of Shiraz, Bam, Kerman, and Tbilisi. He ordered Loti Saleh to be arrested because he was very close to Karim Khan Zand.

Agha Mohamad Khan ordered that his nose be cut off and his money confiscated.

Rest assured, if Loti Saleh was an ignorant and ridiculous man, Agha Mohammad Khan would not have tortured him like this ... Loti Saleh was a wise man and his wisdom made it difficult for him. Therefore, people's judgments can never be accurate.


But about Oleg ... My dear friend, Oleg is an Aerialist. This is a heavy and interesting sport that requires long physical and mental exercises. His job has nothing to do with being a clown.

He is an informed and personable man. I'm proud of him. I wish him happiness and success. God bless him and his family.



Thank you!





  1. Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status and...)

.Hello, Azad!

.My name is Oleg Valko, 34 years old from Kyiv, Ukraine, Married. I have two sons, education: Kyiv State College of Pop and Circus Arts 2001 – 2005, Genre is Aerial Straps.


2-What is your specialized

.I am a Circus artist, Aerialist.


3- When and how did you become interested in this field of sport-artistic work?

.In the Circus, I came as a child.


4- Who was your motivator?

.My wife Alesya (singer). Also, we work together. Straps + vocal. fly together.


5- What was your parent’s reaction?

. My parents, not circus artists, no one from my family. I first, My mom said, when I was a child I have so much energy, jumping everywhere, make acrobatics tricks, was flexible, and more.. so she brings me to Circus school studio when I was11 years.


6- When started you such as a professional athlete-Circus artist?

.When I was 15 years old, I was trying to enter a circus college, my coach really wanted that.  she said that I am very capable.  the same I tried and I was lucky to enter the first time because entering college is not easy.

My parents in shock. Circus... they did not take my choice of profession seriously. "Are you Shure? Circus's not seriously! Are you clown?"

So many people when here word "Circus" first associated with clowns ... as if no one else in the circus, it's so sad.

I always answer:

- I'm an Aerialist. And the reaction is: Ohh... Wow... are you working with safety?

I said:

- No, without. Double reaction!

First, in college, I was an acrobat. Jumped on a special acrobatic track, then wanted to become an aerial gymnast.


7- Please, Tell us about your sport-art activities!

. When I finished circus college I with my friends starting working on a small circus tour for Ukraine in, summertime. This beginning of our circus life. The 2005 year.


8- What is the role of sport-art and entertainment in our life?

.Role sport in my life... I like and love the sport. I like to be an example for children, people.  encourage them to sports, a healthy lifestyle.


9- What is the role of culture in our life?

.Without culture, our world cannot.  it is definitely needed.  I believe!  there has always been culture and art!


10-And what is the connection of entertainment and culture?

.About Culture and Entertainment... for me, they are related to entertainment without culture impossible.  then some kind of Middle-Ages. 

But together they create something beautiful.  remind people how beautiful our world and the role of man in it can be.


11- What is where is the place of sport, art and entertainment in the culture of a society?

. Must be!  starting from an early age.  necessarily!!


12- Are you thankful and happy because of your activities?

.I said thankfully: God, my parents, my coach, my destiny. This is my choice. This is my life.


13- How see you the view about your work-sport-culture?


14- Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than?

. Yes! I take it apart now. Now I working coach at Kyiv Municipal Circus Academy of Arts. I training new future artists.


15- How can you help our world to become a better place for living?

. Just by example!  Do good!  create and not destroy!  Set an example, not just blah blah blah .. inspire! ... Thank you, Azad!!


16- Have you more word to say or suggestion for our readers?

.It's more than an interview. It's a reminder to us, to ourselves!  Where to look up or down. Do not lose heart during a pandemic. Let's hold on!  We do good!  Inspire others!