French Photographer

Ludovic Druguet

By Azad Karimi

Professional photography is a very interesting art, but sometimes amateurs can capture interesting moments, but I mean professional photography anyway. 



French Photographer

Ludovic Druguet

By Azad Karimi

Unfortunately, we heard in the news today 50 people have been killed and more than 100 wounded in a Russian missile strike on the Kramatorsk railway station in eastern Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky said this was a deliberate attack on civilians... News agencies have reported unfortunate and horrific photos and images of this tragedy. European Commission President Ms.Ursula von der Leyen and EU foreign policy chief Mr.Josep Borrell Fontelles posted pictures of themselves beside the victims in Bucha on Friday. They also condemned the crime committed by the Russian military today.


Professional photography is a very interesting art, but sometimes amateurs can capture interesting moments, but I mean professional photography anyway. Bucha's adventures have been reported by photographers, and we see a real earthquake in world public opinion, reflected in the wrath of Pope Francis, the world's holiest religious authority as well as the UN Secretary-General against the criminal Kremlin’s dictator.


The reactions of world political leaders have also been very sharp. The US president called the Russian dictator a war criminal, and the German chancellor and The UK prime minister, as well as the French president and leaders of many countries, condemned the shameful crimes.


Since photography has entered the realm of life, capturing the moments and events within those moments that shape the historical flow of human life experience has become part of our cultural identity and our morals.

Large archives have been created in the world to keep old and new photos with different subjects.


The consequences of this crime for Russia, in addition to severe economic sanctions, were expulsion from the UN Human Rights Council.


Russia voted against Javaid Rehman in this council last week.

Javaid Rehman is the UN Special Representative for the Human Rights situation in Iran. Individuals and organizations working to defend human rights in Iran had called on the council to extend Mr. Rehman's mandate, as he has published several reports of blatant human rights abuses in Iran by the mullahs' regime.


I remind the tragic story of Zahra Kazemi, a photographer, and reporter for the Camera Press British Institute. Zahra Kazemi was a Canadian citizen born in Iran.


In 2003, while working and taking photos of Iranian families whose relatives were in the dreaded Evin Prison in Tehran and they were sitting in front of the prison door, she was arrested by security forces and the news of her death was published a few days later.


The Canadian government severed ties with the government of the ruling mullahs of Iran, but the case of this lady photographer was not pursued, like the case of the Ukrainian plane that exploded over Tehran two years ago, and the Canadian government has not taken effective action.


I matched the Persian and English texts of Zahra Kazemi's biography on Wikipedia and noticed strange differences in them. Of course, the forensic report on how she died in Persian is more complete than the English text.

 Persian text is mentioned the numerous brutal rapes against her. But in the English text, it is not mentioned. Also in the Persian text, how she died with the word Death is used instead of being killed ... Of course, in today's world, there is political filth and censorship, but under the rule of the mullahs of Iran, these scandalous acts are doing beyond human imagination.


At the end of this introduction, I dedicate it to two good and truth-seeking people, Mr. Mehdi Falahati, my fellow journalist, who makes and executes    "The Last Page" program on the Persian service of VOA also, Mr. Bahram Moshiri, an Iranian scientist who is one of the freedom-loving and conscientious people of this time and works hard to enlighten the thoughts of Iranians.

These unpleasant and deadly events have strengthened the culture of resistance among the people of Ukraine and the freedom-loving people of the world. In the early days of the war, a Ukrainian soldier named Andriy Khlyvnyuk  sang a song called (Oy u luzi chervona kalyna)and posted it on Instagram. The song became very popular, and today the English band Pink Floyd, who remade the song, released it. I leave the link of this song for you here to look at it and enjoy.


I wish my dear friend Ludovic Druguet success and happiness.

I would like to remind you that due to the composition of his answers, I preferred to bring the text at the end of the questions without fragmenting it to preserve its narrative form.


Thank  you!

Østland –Norway






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? How do you see the view, the future of art, advertising photography, fashion photography, and culture? You are an artist; you should have an opinion...


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Hello, My name is Ludovic Druguet. I was born on September, 26th of 1977 in France. I’m currently living in Villefranche-sur-saône near Lyon. I started taking photos at 14-year-old. My beginning in photography started with my parents who supported me and also their love for photographs. Since I was young, I’ve always been around photo albums and it gave me the want of being the one who takes those pictures. My first steps into photography were with pictures of landscapes but quickly my attention was toward night pictures and moving pictures for many years. Then came the birth of my two children, which created a real change in my style of photography. Around this time, I started taking pictures of people. Now, I've been a professional photographer for 9 years. I became fond of pin-up-themed photos which is one of my biggest occupations as a photographer. Finally, November, 20th of 2013 was another big change. I created a charity association that I own and preside over. It’s called “ 1 photo contre 1 sourire” (1 smile for 1 photo). The main goal of this association is to take pictures of people we don’t look at anymore, of people we don’t listen to anymore, of people who lost their families, jobs, and housing but also of people suffering from loneliness. 1 photo contre 1 sourire want to give a bit of happiness to everyone, give them pride and self-confidence and in exchange, we only ask for a smile. A photo is a testimony of a moment of pure joy but also an excuse for us to give those people the attention they need! After sharing moments, the photography sessions aim to teach them to genuinely smile, to find a little confidence. Then a photo is selected by the person and their photographer and became a sign of attention and consideration. It is a touchy moment for everyone. For instance, when old people tell us their stories or when we take pictures with children suffering from different types of cancer. We bought them a costume that they can keep after the photography session. The children also go home with a picture of them. Their laughs and smiles are the best cure for everyone. For me, being photographed means existing. With that, came the universe of curvy’s miss. We take pictures of women overweighted to make them accept their bodies and gain more self-confidence. I’m trying to make them feel better thanks to photography. Thus, my professional interest is toward the help I can give thanks to photography such as phototherapy. Following that, I also became interested in the photography of lingerie and nude photos. Currently, along with the rest, I’m working with a lingerie brand. And the mix between, the curvy misses and the lingerie is a good match and it can actively help them accept their bodies even more. I saw photography as a feeling and a point of view of a precise and unique moment. But also as I way of making memories and last but not least something that makes me happy. I want to leave a mark for the next generations and in some ways help them accept their body and spread more body positivity. I want to make the most of what I do the better: taking pictures. The world of photography is evolving fast both in terms of techniques and pieces of equipment. What I miss the most with the new photographers is that they focus more on retouching their photos than taking directly the perfect photos on the spot. I think that the photos lose meaning with too much retouching. Photography evolve also quickly between generations with smartphones for instance. Nowadays, there is a real appetite for likes on social media that put a filter on us rather than show our true smiles. We should use photography to capture real happiness, not pretend to! coulisse ldtphoto - YouTube les coulisses 1 photo contre 1 sourire - YouTube asso 1photocontre1sourire pin up theme - YouTube pin-up theme studio theme - YouTube studio theme curvy theme - YouTube curvy theme


coulisse ldtphoto - YouTube les coulisses

1 photo contre 1 sourire - YouTube asso 1photocontre1sourire

pin up theme - YouTube pin-up theme

studio theme - YouTube studio theme

curvy theme - YouTube curvy theme


my instagram @ldtphoto @druguetludovic




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