Hungarian Painter

Kay Roy

By Azad Karimi

Kay says that he paint images of meditation, dreams, and various ancient tribal rituals - without knowing what the outcome will be.


Hungarian Painter

Kay Roy

By Azad Karimi


Dear Kay's idea is very interesting and beautiful in the text of his interview.

Kay says that he paint images of meditation, dreams, and various ancient tribal rituals - without knowing what the outcome will be.

I do not know which tribe he means, but he is from Hungary and the Huns are the ancient inhabitants of this land. They were a brave and warlike nation that destroyed Roman civilization. The Huns, of course, were made up of different tribes living in a large area of Central Europe.

The most famous king of the Huns is Attila, who set fire to Rome and changed the course of Europa’s history. He reached the gates of Byzantium and Aras and shook the pillars of the Zoroastrian Sassanids and the Christian Romans. If he had conquered the Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Zagros, Byzantium, and Anatolia, the course of history would have changed and the Middle East would not be as it is today. The Huns, for example, were neighbors of the Kurds, Greeks, Romans, Armenians, Aramaeans, and Syrians. But fate did not want this, and he was eventually killed by his wife at the instigation of the Roman emperor Attila on the night he married.

The structure of people's lives in ancient times was tribal. Courage, power, wealth, influence, large numbers of people, and the diversity of blood mixed with other families were the advantages of creating a confederation. The ancient empires and kingdoms ruled their territories confederal. This confederalism was based on covenants and blood ties and adherence to the principle of loyalty.

After all, it was a social law all over the world. There is a lot to be said about antiquity. We humans of this period are from the generation of ancient peoples. We inherit many of their traditions, behaviors, and ideas ... Our art, literature, beliefs, language, clothing, and attitudes toward the world and the future are the result of their worldview that has come down to us.

When Attila invaded the Sassanid kingdom in 441 AD, my birthplace, now known as Kurdistan, was the center of the flourishing of mysticism, painting, literature, music, architecture, and weaving. In that year, a kingdom called Yazdgerd II ruled the country. Yazdgrt is in Kurdish means strong and steadfast.

A new prophet had emerged named Mani who had deep mystical beliefs and was also a master painter and orator who presented his Gnostic ideas and mystical beliefs in addition to writing with excellent paintings. Although he was killed, the impact of his ideas on the people of Kurdistan is still alive. You can see traces of his thoughts in the Yarsani religion, which is a child of the Manichaean-Baayi religion.

This ritual, which insisted on the spread of social justice, was continued by Mazdak Baay-Damaan. Mazdak Baydamaan means the gospel of the twillight in the morning: when good and evil are divided.

Mani in Kurdish means the light of clear water. His name is Korpa.

Korpa in Kurdish means a talking boy. Korpa is also the title of Jesus Christ. Korpa is also called Kumisar(Kuiter, Laughing dove).

This type of pigeon is a symbol of the spirit of God and in the Kurdish tradition, killing and eating its meat is forbidden. If you pay attention, the Bible also mentions that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River, the Spirit of God fell on his head in the form of a dove and a voice came from heaven that Jesus is my son. Without entering into religious sentiments, we can see that the cultural roots of all religions lie in the mysticism of ancient Kurdistan. And this is a great fact that who gets crazy and angry from hearing, reading, and seeing the name of Kurdistan is not valuable because does not matter for the truth.

He was nicknamed Mani Patak. Patak means twilight. Patak or Pataak is the name of Mani's father. Mani's mother's name is Meri Kuizaraani. This means the Prairie's lunar.

The origin of Meri family is from the Kuizaraan i Maaydasht region. Maaydasht is located in the between of Chakha-Gaawaan i Paallu and Krmaashaan(Kermanshah).

Chakhaa-Gaawaan's name is recorded in one of Mani's books. The name of this city is now Haarun Aawaa or Shabad.

Kuizaraan and Maaydasht are important centers of Yarsanis. The Yarsanis are the ancient El-Khaasis, which is the religion of the Mani family. The El-Khaasis were followers of the mysticism of Jewish - Mithraism, with a tendency towards the water guard Goddess Anahita or El-Esthar ... They were called Gawtaani, Gawshaani, Gawzaani because bathing in water was one of their religious duties. They believed that there was the particle or sperm of creation in water...

This pure particle has the light of the Creator God, and when the owner of the seal  of God (Mithra, Mall, Mallka, Mikaal, Michael, El-Khaas), which was a spark of light from a stone, was born in the darkness of a cave and sacrificed a cow, he went to the holy lake and There he fought Shuropak or the guardian deity of the sun and defeated him. The light caught him and he went to the sun with Shurupak's chariot. Therefore, fiery water is the source of purity and light of creation, which is manifested in the presence of Mithra. Respect for water did not mean disrespect for fire, which was the manifestation of truth. Therefore, respect for the fire was common in fire temples. The history of the creation of Mithra and Shuropak is related to mythology, but the history of the ancient Sumerian kings, the last of which is before the Great Flood, is related to man. The last king of the city of kur- Dilmun is Zi Ud Sudra, son of Shurupak, son of Gaubaro. He was nicknamed El-Khaas because of his eternal life. He was the servant of the water of life in the Kur Dilmun city.

Anyway, I wanted to review the history and describe the first historical connection between my land and the land of Kay with a short search about the great Kurdish prophet, Mani who happened to have mystical tendencies and was a painter ... Mysticism and painting, are two interesting categories in which Kay Roy Hungarian painter has a serious attitude and works in these two genres.

I would like to leave you an old Kurdish piece played with ancient Kurdish instruments before the end of the introduction.

This song is sung in the voice of Awda Maachkayi and the theme of the song belongs to the region where Mani was born, Paallu, the land of the Kurdish language, Kurdish mysticism, Kurdish art, and Kurdish thought.


I wish happiness and success to the people and the ancient land of Hungary, as well as to my dear friend Kay Roy.


Thank you!

Østland- Norway



  1. Please present yourself(Name, education, Civilstatusand...)


.My name is Ujfalusi Károly (Kay Roy). I was born in Transylvania in 1977 to a Hungarian family. I am a self-taught artist with the education of a carpenter. 17 years of martial arts helped me a lot in discovering the inner mystical dimensions. I am deeply interested in our ancestors’ knowledge, and I feel one of my missions is to express this with symbolism, words, and music as well.


 ?What is your artistic specialization


.The essence of my art is to open a gate for remembering our endless possibilities and mysticism. I paint visions gained from meditation, dreams, and various ancient tribal ceremonies - channeling without knowing what will be the outcome.


? When and how did you become interested in this field of art.

.I was raised in a family and country where creativity was a daily task, and I got lots of support to spend my time with what I like the most: drawing and painting.

Later when I became more and more interested in discovering my inner dimension, art started to reflect these energies too. I lived in California for several years, and there I had the chance to meet some artists who had a big impact on me.


?Who was your motivator


.The unknown...and of course lots of people in my life since childhood.


? What was your parent’s reaction


.“Do what you like, that’s the most important”. I have deep gratitude for my mom for this!



?Please, tell us when started you as a professional painter


.When I was born, the possibility was already there, but it was a huge turn when I realized that the style didn’t need to be searched...You are the style, you are an endless possibility.


?Tell us Please: Do you see a special connection between Painting and culture

.Absolutely. In the past, most painters were “biocameras”. They captured events as cameras do today. As these machines appeared, artistry took a different direction, changing qualitatively, but of course, it still has that side today. In my opinion, art “with a big A” is not meant to document and make the creator a kind of “biocamera”. Many people confuse art with the technical knowledge of a creator. Most people think about art as when someone has good technical knowledge, or when they don’t have it, they create abstracts that are filled with pain, fear, and lots of negative energies. A good technique is not art, and ART is not a technique.

Art is beyond the material world and has nothing to do with our brains and logic.

Alex Grey once wrote:

A professor named Lowell Tolstedt shared this insight when I was an art student at CCAD,

"Many young artists have technical skills but nothing worthwhile to say. Other young artists have something important to say but don’t have the patience to cultivate their craft. Rare is the artist with a skill who has something significant to say."

The biggest part of “art“ is filled with traumas, and has lots of fans, because our physiology and ego feel good when we are not alone in our hell. But this is not art. This is an important catharsis and healing ability, but it’s not worthy to expose to the audience. It is private, and its birth is at the same time as its death.

Art is the channel to communicate with creation, and can’t be opened with pain. The only way to open is to realize how mystical, unique, and endless you are. After this realization, you start to take care of yourself on a sacral level, returning your vibration to a very fine level. When art comes through this channel, it has energies that will raise you and will make you remember you are the God particle.


? Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a painter

.I needed lots of endurance, to reach this point where I am now - to make a living out of what I love the most, to see how positive effect it has on people; it gives me more and more inspiration and love. I love this game called life, and I also feel very fortunate to have such an amazing partner, friend, and love like @Lucyra Vilaga Art, who is sent to me by angels... :)


 ?Why do some Paintings become immortal


.In my opinion, some paintings become “immortal”, because they advertise Love, and they have such a moment frozen into it, which has the symbolism, the map, how to stand out from the darkness.

In the last centuries, it was very rare for someone to become an artist, there was no time left for this after finishing their daily survival needs. Only the exceptional ones could become painters, and after hundreds of years, their paintings gained much attention from thousands and thousands of viewers expanding the aura to such a level that these powerful objects still have a big impact on our culture. What makes a painting “immortal” is the sacral energy which flows through the ARTist. Any other painting will fade away much earlier when humanity will realize the power of these dimension windows.


?Can you explain painting logic

.Originated art does not follow the way of logic, but the immortality of paradox. Logic is the mind, paradox is the mother of Art, which enters our dimension through the heart.


? I would like to ask you about painting's role in our life. Can you tell us about that

.Art has no destination, and still, it can go very far. Our subconscious understands the truest images, this is a universal communication that is beyond words. “A single picture can say a thousand words,” a Chinese philosopher said.

Furthermore, an image’s message is beyond time, and this is how it penetrates our subconscious mind and starts an immediate operation. Without ART our world would be a very bleak place, like the food without colors and scent.


?What is Your opinion about the situation of art and painting in the future

.Art will never be lost because this is the power that is keeping us alive, and encourages us to create and Love.

So I'm not worried about it:) It will go through a lot of transformation in this digital era, but this will be only an illusion. In its roots it’s eternal, and it relentlessly scatters its sparks, which will burst our flames, again and again, to bring light into our night.


 ?Can you become one part of the artistic-cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so then


.I believe that everything is possible, but right now the culture is nourished and manipulated by superficial media.

My art is visionary and I know that the way out is going inwards. Some people are open to this, and I truly believe that this will have an effect on the next generations as well, who will recognize what is beyond the global manipulation.


?How can you help our world become a better place to live

.I do what I love the most, I teach through my acts, I walk on the path of love, and I follow my heart because there is no other way.


 ?Have you more words to say or suggestions for our readers

.You are an endless possibility! This is what you are. Thank you!


Facebook: Kay Roy Vayaro Art

Instagram: Kayroy77

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