ما 414 مهمان و بدون عضو آنلاین داریم



Women made the old ethnic and religious grudges and differences between the people of Iran to be forgotten and the people of this country thought about getting rid of the 500-year-old organized governmental and social fanaticism


Russian  Pianist

Vera Alperovich

 By Azad Karimi


These days, there is a big public uprising in Iran against the authoritarian and evil regime of Iran

The leadership of this great historical revolution is the women,  youth and teenagers of the middle class of Iran. This vast social class was targeted by the regime of corrupt and sexually sick mullahs

The Mullahs and their militias knew two classes: the poor and the rich. So they created a dangerous, criminal and violent mafia. Therefore, all their efforts were to achieve wealth and get rid of poverty, but in this self-made and terrible competition, they did not leave a way for others to benefit from the resources of Iran's national wealth. They even destroyed those who were poor but did not think like them but what did the middle class that was created between 1925 and 1979 do?... They were the producers of culture and administrative, military, and law enforcement affairs of the country

Rather than thinking about wealth, they worked for progress, peace, and economic stability. Therefore, political critics also arose from this group

In the competition between the new rich people who rose from the poor class, some people who were more violent, more ruthless, more organized, and more numerous were able to reach the high bases of power and administration of state affairs. They brought other poor people with them with money, rent, privileges, threats, and extortion and allow them to grow as well. But according to the law of the mafia, this growth should not exceed the limit that leads to their power and self-confidence and threatens the main core of power. Therefore, in Iran, you see a big boss and his deputies and some oligarchs who are around him


 The big boss is at the top of the country's administrative power pyramid, so he can enter into a deal with the world by using the tools of diplomacy, which is part of the administrative and governmental structure of a country. Iranian people are always annoyed with the governments of the world, especially the free world, why do they have diplomatic and economic relations with the big head of power mafia in Iran?

The truth is that not all ordinary people did not have studied international law in university to be aware of political and diplomatic relations and their rules and regulations. There is a principle in international law called non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Based on this legal principle, other countries cannot interfere in each other's internal affairs

But in the current period when the relations between the countries have reached the stage of mixing nations and the security and economic issues have linked the relations between the people of the countries of the world, I think that some international legal norms such as the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of the countries It has been transformed

If this was not the case, the Council of Europe would not have issued a strong statement yesterday against the repressive regime of Iran

Anyway, these days are a crucial stage for the people of Iran. Because women's voices are louder than ever and men's ears are open and they hear them

Women made the old ethnic and religious grudges and differences between the people of Iran to be forgotten and the people of this country thought about getting rid of the 500-year-old organized governmental and social fanaticism

The smuggler, thieves, corrupt and terrorist mullahs regime is made up of a group of zombies and sex patients who do not know the concept of reason but have the Evil sense of Enjoying and Possessing  Ownership of everything. But this enjoyment and their sense of ownership are not guided by their intellect, so they destroy and destroy. Of course, pleasure-seeking and feeling of ownership are natural things in the wise humans If wisdom guides it


In line with this issue, I must say that since yesterday, the media has published a strange photo of two children who were armed by the regime of mullahs and given baton in their hands to suppress the protesting people in Iran’s streets.

Think about it! ... The Mullah’s regime violates all international conventions. Now think that this regime joins the conventions for the prohibition of atomic and chemical weapons and mass murder, such as the Geneva Conventions on the rights of soldiers and civilians, war wounded, prisoners of war, children, women, antiquities, etc but we see that the regime has violated all of them, who can guarantee that the corrupt regime of mullahs will join the Convention on the Proliferation of Atomic and Chemical Weapons due to internal and external pressures, but are you sure that he will adhere to it?

Yesterday in Sanandaj, my second city, the city where I have lived and studied for many years and where my father's family and many of my very close friends live, the repressive forces of the corrupt Islamic Mullah regime of Iran used a kind of chemical gas against the demonstrators

The effect of this chemical gas is on the respiratory system and causes the injured person to suffocate. This suffocation is temporary but think about those whose respiratory system is weak and get injured and die... who is responsible? Does the Iranian regime accept responsibility for its actions?

Two days ago, the representative of the United States of America, Mrs. Linda Greenfield, condemned the behavior of the mullahs' regime regarding the suppression of the protesting people of Iran by the oppressive forces of the fascist Islamic mullahs regime of Iran, but at the same time, she said that The United States is using diplomacy to bring the Iranian regime back to the negotiating table for the issue of Iran's nuclear issue.

Yes! Countries have the right to consider their national interests and have the tools to protect them, but is dialogue diplomacy alone enough? Not! For forty-three years, women in Iran have been saying that they do not accept the mandatory hijab. Finally, ten days ago, they started to rebel and revolt. They proved that dialogue and diplomacy cannot always be effective.

Look at the burning of thousands of scarves! Women smoked the sky of Tehran last night. This thick smoke was caused by the burning of mandatory scarves and hijabs. Three days ago, the people of Shno (Oshnawye) took control of the city for two days because their tolerance for oppression was over. The men of my city(Saqez, Mahsa-Jina Amini’s hometown) rebelled and said no to Islamic traditions and compulsory government! Because their life is practically paralyzed due to these stupid religious and governmental traditions

Imagine if they arrest your wife, daughter, sister, and mother in the street and give you her corpse two hours later, then threaten you to announce that she had a heart and brain attack! Or they will offer you a house and give you 800 million Tomans so that you tell the Medias that she was killed by the Kurdish Peshmerga!

 Take a look at the head of Tehran police shamelessly saying that Jina(Mahsa) Amini had brain surgery at the age of five and she had chronic epilepsy and this background was her murdering cause!

It is obvious that the modern Muslim men of Kurdistan and Iran rebel and support the rebellion of the women of their society. These people endure all kinds of oppressions daily, but finally one day they say: Finish it! I will destroy your oppressive government and system because of the integrity of my existence, which consists of my family, interests, property, mental and physical health, the integrity of the land and community, and my cultural manifestations have been destroyed by your oppressive regime, but from this moment on, I will not let you destroy me completely

The position of the free world is very wise and logical in these ten days, but the people of Iran have risen against oppression and are asking for help from those of us who live outside the geography of Iran

Spiritual aid is very good and excellent, it is unique, but it is necessary to help the protesting youth of Iran who are on the streets day and night. They should not be killed. The aggressive regime killed a 20-year-old girl named Hadith Nadjafi in Mehrshar in a very heinous way. Ten bullets were shot in her face by the repressive forces of the regime

Why? Can people kill the  Iranian aggressive police' children? Khomeini's family in the United States of America all take pictures in bikinis and publish them on Instagram. Mullahs and Pasdars’ children enjoy their youth in their pools and bars in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States of America, but the family of Jina(Mahsa), Hadith, Farjad, Minu, Hajar, and dozens of others must cry loudly and mourn forever


I am asking for help from the US government. Also the government of Israel. Also the government of the UK, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Japan, and the European Union. Iranian people have no weapons to defend themselves. The Iranian opposition lives in exile and needs financial aid and weapons. The free world should not ignore Iranians. I can promise that we Iranians will be true friends of the free world because we have proven that we have the spirit of internal cooperation and global solidarity with other nations and progressive countries

We are a progressive and plural nation and we love each other. The Turks of Azerbaijan, and the Persians of Tehran, Isfahan, Arak, and Khorasan, the Arabs of Khuzestan and the Baluchs of Balochistan, and the Lurs of Lurestan and Bakhtiari have risked their lives to defend a Kurdish family and defend my city, Saqez, and my people, the Kurds, are killed in the street.Dozens of students have been arrested in Iranian cities, and no one knows whether they were killed or not. This Kurdish family, their daughter Mahsa-Jina Amini was killed by the Iranian mullahs' regime.

As a Kurdish man from Saqez of Kurdistan of Iran, I have a moral, conscientious, and national commitment to defending the rights of the Iranian people. Therefore, I request the United States, Israel, The UK, Norway, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea and the European Union, the Protestant Church, AIPEC, and the Secretary General of the United Nations to help me to take action against the regime of Iranian mullahs

Do not forget that I seek peace and freedom and the development of democracy. My doubt was only due to the lack of unity of the Iranian people, now I have no such doubt and with firm determination, I am waiting to receive help from the great and powerful and democratic governments led by the United States

Time is very important. We live in a world where material and spiritual relationships are very intertwined. Therefore, the utmost care should be taken in time and other financial and human costs

It is necessary to say that the regime of authoritarian and corrupt Iranian mullahs has imported terrorist militias from Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq to suppress the protesting people in the streets of Iran. I do not doubt that they must be destroyed. Therefore, I emphasize that I must defend my people in Iran and I cannot do this with my empty hands, so I need your military support

All those who follow my articles are familiar with my thoughts because I have written and taken a position clearly about democracy, freedom, peace,  prosperity, progress, human values, and concepts

In the end, I would like to thank all those who mourned the death of Jina(Mahsa) in Iran and all over the world and openly supported the uprising of Iranian women and youth against the regime of corrupt Iranian mullahs. Sorry, there are so many of them that I can't write their names.

In the end, I wish success and happiness to my dear friend Vera. Please read our interview


!Thank you

Østland- Norway


Please present yourself: (Name, education, Civil status and...) 

. Good evening, Azad. Many thanks for the invitation! I am Vera Alperovich, a professional pianist and cymbalist, I studied specialist, master, and master advanced studies in piano performance. I am focused on the music sphere, but I have many interests in life, such as learning foreign languages, cinema, traveling, the science of law, etc


?What is your artistic specialize

. I play piano and harpsichord.


?When and how did you become interested in this field of art 

. I lived with music before my birth. My mum played Mozart when she was pregnant, so I was listening to her, and when I was little, I liked to play Mozart's sonatas. My brother studied to play the violin and I was always near him and mum while they were practicing. At the age of 2, I could sing the famous "Moscow nights" and then I tried to play some melodies on the piano.


?Who was your motivator

. I suppose that both motivator and critic were my brothers. But that was not easy for me to develop in such conditions.  


?What was your parent’s reaction

. My parents didn't plan to make me a professional musician, they even didn't know how far it will go.


?When started you such as professional musician and a Pianist

. I studied all my life, my schools were for serious education and high level so I suppose I became professional since I was 11-12.


? I saw in your profile that you are a Musician. Please explain about your activities to the readers of the interview!

. I am a classical performer. I play concerts as a soloist, sometimes accompany singers and instrumentalists, and perform with ensembles. I participate in different projects, such as recording CDs, giving lessons, and master-classes. In past, I performed in theatre events with actors, where music combined with poetry


 ?Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as musician

. Yes, I think, that nice and well-performed music gives the light in our strange world


?What is music culture? What is music logic 

. Music culture is a system, which includes different types and genres of art, composer's and performer's art, music society, and traditional home-playing music. Music logic is the theory of music. It's like maths but operates by sounds. Pifagor said about the connection between music sounds and numbers. He was not only a philosopher and mathematic mathematician, but also a theorist of music and searched music harmony. He supposed that the interval between planets is the same as between sounds. We see that modern music is not so nice, because sometimes there are no rules and harmony in it.

?Why does some melody become immortal

. Such melodies were built on gold rules, but at the same time, they have originality, and memorability and can be sung by the human voice. They can have a program sence ("theme of love or death"), connection with an important event or personality.


How you see the Music, art and culture in your perspective? I mean your prediction for the future of music! 

. I think that despite the crisis in music now, there will be a blossoming after a difficult period. Unfortunately, people can't compare real art to hacking, because of the absence of education and ability to listen to music, and the prevalence of external effects. But it can't continue too long. Music is a more difficult substance than other types of art and needs to refresh


?Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so than

. This is a task for not 1 day. I would like to be a motivator, but I am afraid, that it should be more influencers. As long as people are accustomed to enjoying themselves in a consumer society and simplify music, literature, and relations between them, I am not sure, I can quickly help them. I think that the world needs a big reboot. Years of pandemia show that we can't live in the same way


?How can you help our world become a better place to live

 . I am not omnipotent, but I will be happy to give hope to the audience through my concerts concerts, escaping from worldly problems and fuss for a while


?Have you more word to say or suggest for our readers

. You know, I am just recovered from COVID-19 and during the illness, I watched the film "Meet Jo Black". I see that life is too short, you can turn around and suddenly have to go away. I wish everyone to appreciate the time and spend it in a useful way, leave good things, try to be human and have empathy, make the right choice, study on mistakes, and became wiser. Finally, we live here only once!

Note: The Photo by Anthony Neuenschwander, August 2021, Bottega del pianoforte, Bironico, Switzerland


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