In the following interview, I spoke with a Kurdish artist painter from Georgia. Lamara Miranghi was born in Georgia . Dear readers, I would like to clarify how many millions of Kurds live in Caucasus countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and also in Central Asian countries.


Kurdish Painter

Lamara Miranghi

By Azad Karimi

The events of these days in Iran are very dramatic, complicated, and bloody, but promising the coming of a new era for the people of Iran, the Middle East, and the world. Because the free world needs a new ally or allies. This alliance includes cultural, political, modern civilization, political, social, economic, and diplomatic aspects.

Congratulations... I congratulate all the men of Iran, the Middle East, and the civilized world who stand united against oppression and discrimination against women as well as men in Iran. Thank you for not being silent against the oppression of the life of a young girl named Jina/Mahsa Amini and for showing your anger and disgust at the fascist, totalitarian, misogynistic, child abusiveist, terrorist, and Ikhwanist regime of Iran's criminal Mullah Pasdar.


Now that I am writing this introduction, there are many demonstrations and protests in the streets of Iranian cities against the corrupt and criminal regime of the Mullah Pasdars of Iran. In the Iranian South-Eastern city, Zahedan, whose residents are mostly Sunni Balouchs, the repressive forces of Iran launched a massacre and killed and wounded 19 people. There are also women among the dead.

I offer my condolences to the people of Iran and the families of those killed.

I again request the government of The United States of America, Israel, The UK, Germany, and Norway not to stay silent and please take action against the barbaric actions of the Iranian regime. Unfortunately, in Iraqi Kurdistan, the fascist Islamist governments of Iran and Turkey bombard the positions of Iranian Kurdish and Turkish Kurdish refugees.


Unfortunately, the hate market and demagoguery of the fascist Islamist media in the Middle East is hot and they have started spreading rumors and projections against the people of Iran. For example, a mentally ill person named Rayyan Jamal, who holds a podium and works at Al Jazeera's lie firm in Qatar, has made false tweets and attributed Iran's social, democratic, and secular revolution of the last two weeks to Israel. Al-Jazeera, whose financial resources are provided by the dirty, petrodollars of Qatar and terrorists and the mafia of the Ikhwanists of the Persian Gulf, has a long history of being hostile to freedom of speech and secularism.

In any case, what is clear is the great battle has started between the backward Islamic traditionalism, which has the intellectual foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood and is manifested in the satanic governments of Iran, Turkey, Qatar, and Afghanistan, with the new modernism of the 21st century, which began with the Iranian women's revolution two weeks ago. The unarmed Iranian people have raised against a corrupt, rich, and authoritarian government and they have determined to cut off the head of this oil-terrorism-Islamic ideological monster. With the will and help of God the Creator!

Thank you again to all the actors, actresses, poets, singers, musicians, writers, poets, athletes, philosophers, politicians, feminists, and humanitarians of the world who have shown their support for the great social revolution of September 2022 in Iran in these two weeks and the anger and protest. You express yourself about the death of the innocent and beautiful Jina/Mahsa by the corrupt policemen of the terrorist Islamic regime of Iran. Please defend the revolution of our Iranian people. Iranian people need your support.


I am asking the countries of the free world, led by the United States, the country of my beloved idol-leader, the great libertarian George Washington, to help me and give me weapons to defend my country's people. I need powerful weapons that can destroy their drones and tanks and helicopters.

I don't claim to be a king or president because I am a free man and I like to enjoy my personal life after the liberation of Iran. I am the Scout. Of course, I don't intend to die because life is a precious opportunity and I would like to enjoy life after the hellish Mullah- Pasdar's regime...


In the end, I would like to thank the great support of the respected women of Turkey for the current social revolution of Iran led by the progressive women and men, and a special thanks to the popular Turkish artist Ms. Sezen Aksu, who is unique in every way. I wish to meet her one day in Turkey or Iran and interview her. I would like to present to all the readers of this interview a song by this avant-garde artist of Turkey, who is one of the Turks of Turkey and a staunch defender of women's rights as well as Kurds. The lyrics and composition are made by her and Mr. Attila Özdemiroğlu arranged the song for her. I confess that this song is my favorite song by Sezen Aksu and it reminds me of a beautiful Turkish girl from Adana who we broke up years ago at the beginning of a relationship because of a misunderstanding because she thought I has a wife and a child but they were my sister and nephew who came to me and I could not explain to her that I did not lie and that I am not married because she did not allow me to say anything.

You Know!

Sometimes life is so cruel

It hits you when it sees an opportunity

You don't feel it when it comes, but

It hurts your heart suddenly

Even if your hands are tied up

Even if there's a storm within you

Even if you don't accept

They make you fall in love

You see the truth like me

And you know that we can't be together

You're different from me

And live according to your rules

It's true, we met too late

But we understood each other without a word

Some things shouldn't be told

And we passed words by hushing

Truth and dreams can't be thought together

Even if one lives in pain

Even if he's born in his love again

Even if he creates a new world for himself

You see the truth like me

And you know that we can't be together

You're different from me

And live according to your rules


.In the following interview, I spoke with a Kurdish artist painter from Georgia. Lamara Miranghi was born in Georgia . Dear readers, I would like to clarify how many millions of Kurds live in Caucasus countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and also in Central Asian countries. Many of them are Jews, Christians, and Muslims, but most of them are Ezidis. The history of Ezidis, Yarsans, Mandaeans, and Assyrian Christians all goes back to the early centuries AD, but their intellectual roots go back to the ancient Mithraic-Kurdish Gnosticism, which is known as El-Khasi or Elijahi. The El-Khasis were the followers of Mardukhi mystics of Northern Mesopotamia and Northern Zagros, who believe in the particle of life in the water of the Eternal Spring, and after the Jews of Israel, whose ancestors had migrated from Mesopotamia to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, were exiled to ancient Mesopotamia by the Assyrians, they studied the teachings El-Khasi opinions. They adapted Torah to El-Khasi mysticism and compiled the Talmud. I wrote these so that you know what social and cultural coordinates the Ezidi Kurds have in the Caucasus.

In the end, in order not to bore you more than this, I request you, the good reader, to read the text of my interesting interview with Lamara, an excellent Kurdish Georgian  painter.

I wish my dear friend Lamara success and happiness.


Thank you!

Østland- Norway



Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status, and...)

. My name is Lamara Miranghi. I was born and raised in Tbilisi, in the most ordinary family with three children. I was a calm, humble child. I can’t say that I grew up in a creative atmosphere, I was never fond of drawing. Actually no, not really. Growing up, I lived with the sure knowledge of not being able to draw. I did not attempt. My sister was good at it, she helped me a lot at school. But deep down I have always wanted to learn to draw, I was sure that I would never be able to draw the way my sister does it. 

I graduated from the Technical University with a degree in Chemistry. After graduation, I worked as a teacher of chemistry, but I wasn’t passionate about working in the school, despite my great love for children. I was looking for something new and interesting. I’ve chosen a different path, the path of creativity. Creativity spiritually enriches and reveals hidden potentials. I'm still not a teacher, I'm an Artist.


? What is your artistic specialization

.In 2002I received my second higher education in computer graphics and animation. I began my creative career in 2003 in the “Art-Max” studio as a 3D graphics specialist. I’ve met many people from different backgrounds and occupations: famous Georgian artists, architects, etc. I realized that to become a true professional, I need to start drawing.


? When and how did you become interested in this field of art

.I started drawing from scratch at the age of 33 for professional growth in computer graphics, and started with pencil sketch; It was hard to start… I feared that all my efforts had been for naught, that it was already too late and didn’t make any sense. I wasn’t showing my drawings to anyone for a long time. A year of suffering…Mostly, portraits of relatives and friends, I was just getting the hang of it. I can’t say that everything worked out well for me. There were moments when I wanted to quit, but the inner voice continued to lead me on and kept saying that I had to continue, there was no way back. As a result, quantity turned into quality. The ability to work, patience, and faith helped me overcome all difficulties. Painting has become an essential part of my life. I got involved in this irreversible process that opened up a new world for me. The mechanism of creation was activated, which doesn’t allow me to stop until today. Whatever I do in life, I always have my personal space. This is my creativity, which disconnects me from the outside world. When I’m with it, I’m real. Pretty hard to describe all these feelings... In my opinion, creativity is self-expression, another reality. It’s a powerful engine that maintains self-confidence and makes a person happy.


? Who was your motivator

.My greatest inspirations are my sister and brother, they have always supported me to push my boundaries and make the impossible -possible. That goes for painting too. They continue to give me great confidence that I can build a bright future for myself. Their love and support helped me become the person I am today.


?What was your parent’s reaction

. When I started drawing, I tried not to show my work to anyone. Only a few people knew about this. Whatever I did, my father always was supporting me in my endeavors. He has always been proud of his children. In July 2014, he died suddenly. A month later I painted his portrait. When I was painting, I was back there living again my whole life with him. It hurts me that he didn’t get a chance to visit my exhibitions.


?Please, tell us when started you as a professional painter.

. Maybe, when I’ve become a member of the Union of Artists of Georgia. Sometimes, I do not consider myself a professional, because today I’m in search of techniques, styles, and directions for painting. In my opinion, a true artist is a person who has dedicated his whole life to art and painting, a person who has mastered many painting techniques, and who can express his inner world. A real artist is a person who can leave behind a small trace in the history of art.


?Tell us Please: Do you see a special connection between Painting and culture

. Art allows us to think about the world differently, you begin to love life, people, and nature more strongly. You start to appreciate all your blessings! I’m very happy that I can show my work to people and the appreciation I get from them is my ultimate joy. My life has changed since then. I want to create more and more, to please people with my artwork. I do what I love and there’s nothing better than this.


?Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a painter

.The artist is born at the moment of energy dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. A creator without an audience is like a bird without wings! The moment when my painting is seen for the first time is very important because it links me to the viewer. I gladly accept both admiration and criticism from my viewer. I create, eagerly share it with the world, and get feedback that helps me create more. This is a natural cycle that inspires and fills me, and provides an incentive to move on, grow and do even more!

Real creativity affects the audience, keeps them going, and changes something in their lives. Artwork can show the truth of life and ways to prevent negative consequences. This reveals the influence of art on people. It’s often said that nowadays people are almost disillusioned with art. I don’t agree with it. Times change and generations change. Opinions and preferences do not remain unchanged. But there are also topical issues. Of course, today people emphasize material rather than spiritual things. But this doesn’t mean that absolutely everyone doesn’t pay attention to cultural life, and doesn’t appreciate art. We mustn’t forget art, because it plays an important role in our life.


? Why do some Paintings become immortal

.I have always been interested in people with their inner world. Painting helped to get to know a person deeper. To see not only his appearance but also to understand his feelings, nature, mood.....In my works, I paint real life. The people depicted in the paintings are real. My creativity is dominated by portrait painting, which reveals the person’s state of mind, feelings, and emotions. I aim to convey emotions and feelings. Emotions are something that can’t be passed by indifferently, the stronger the emotion is, the more attractive artwork is for the viewer. I don’t always put deep meaning into my works, but I always put my love and soul into them. I would like a person, to think only about the good, and not look for some meaning in my works. I and my viewer easily understand each other, there is a connection. In my artworks, I try to express my love and great respect for the people that are depicted and try to subtly convey all the best and deepest in them. For me, a portrait is not only a transfer of external resemblance but also of an inner one, to convey the spiritual essence of a person. In this case, the portrait is alive.


?Can you explain painting logic? I would like to ask you about painting in our life. Can you tell us about that

.We are obliged to protect, value, develop and pass on our cultural heritage to future generations. Cultural projects are especially needed in this situation, but they are responsible for innovation and development. As for me, I’m ready to do everything in my power. At the moment I’m a member of the jury of the competition for children "The World of My Dreams". Most Kurdish children participate in this competition. The competition gives children the opportunity to think about the future and helps them understand that the future begins today.

? How do you see the view for art, painting, and the future of culture

.It’s painful that in the 21Stcentury civilians are killed just like that, for the sake of someone's interests. The war in Ukraine, Kurdistan, and Syria, where violence, fear, and death reign everywhere, mustn’t leave anyone indifferent. If each of us knew how important any of our actions are? Today we need to gather all forces and all the prayers to stop this aggression. I have brushes and paints in my hands. I want to remind people that we have come to this world not to kill, not to destroy, but to love, create, and cherish everything we have been given! The path of peace is the path of love. For God is Love. Love is the greatest force on earth. Let's sincerely love each other - only in this way we will live in peace.


? Can you become one part of the artistic-cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so then

.We must remember our roots and must live to be remembered. Today, the recourse to the spiritual values ​​of culture is quite topical. Due to historical conditions, the culture of our people has assimilated with other cultures, so it isn’t easy to preserve national identity. Today's Kurdish culture must be a bridge between the past and the present, it must carefully preserve its heritage and pass it on to new generations.


? How can you help our world become a better place to live


?Have you more words to say or suggestions for our readers


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