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Kurdish Cinema & TV Director

By Azad Karimi

In the following interview, you will meet a Kurdish filmmaker from Syria. She is a woman, a mother, an artist, a wife, a sister, and a child. Her hard work and dynamism are really interesting. She has big dreams..




Kurdish Cinema & TV Director

Evin  Berazi

By Azad Karimi

Respect to the Frankfurt International Book Fair.

To commemorate the great musician Nure Cewari. Please listen to this beautiful piece by the famous Kurdish artist Nure Cewari:



This beautiful piece belongs to one of the folk works of Kurdistan called Nakhshe Mirzo. She rewrote this piece for piano. I think this song was recorded in 1971 on the Kurdish Radio of Yerevan and Nure Cewari plays the piano in the piece.

Miss. Nure Cewari is a Kurdish lady from Armenia who now lives in Sydney, Australia.

At the time she was born, Armenia was part of the political territory of the former Soviet Union.

  The Soviet Union had a privilege for the people of the Caucasus, especially the Kurds, which allowed them to advance and get a higher education. Because unlike other countries in the Middle East where Kurds lived and the hegemony of the Islamic religion was a big problem for the advancement of Kurdish women and girls, these issues did not exist in the Soviet Union. The father of Miss. Nure Cewari is a famous Kurdish writer Haci Cindi. 

Miss. Nure's sister, Frida Cewari, is also a famous author in Kurdistan literature.

I called Miss. Nure twice to participate in the interview project, unfortunately she could not accept because of boredom, but it is a great honor for me that she sometimes spends time and reads and liking my content on Facebook. Therefore, I wanted to pay tribute to her and also mention her devoted father and elder sister, who gave great and eternal service to Kurdish literature. They have a place in our hearts and the history of Kurdistan has placed them in a special place. My dear friend/teacher Miss. Aslika Qadir, the great singer of Kurdistan, said to me: Azad! Miss. Nure Cewari loves you very much because she talks to you, she doesn't spend time talking with others because of boredom, but you are an exception for her!

 Of course, I promised her that soon, after the overthrow of the current Iranian regime, we will go to Kurdistan and we will meet there, and she will see Kurdistan and free Iran. She told me yes! this is my dream!

In the following interview, you will meet a Kurdish filmmaker from Syria. She is a woman, a mother, an artist, a wife, a sister, and a child. Her hard work and dynamism are really interesting. She has big dreams...

 I would like to invite you to read more details from her. On the other hand, the events of September and October this year in Iran after the terrible death of a Kurdish girl named Jina/Mahsa Amini in Tehran have brought about an uprising of Iranian women and many women and men in the world have risen to support this national uprising that seeks to complete a great social revolution in Iran. This great uprising is severely suppressed by the Islamic terrorist regime of Iran, but the youth of Iran are fighting day and night in the streets, universities, and high schools. The nationwide strikes in the market and offices and some large industries have caused great problems for the Iranian regime. Many boys and girls have been killed in Iran and many have been arrested.

 This introduction is dedicated to Jina's mother (Mojgan Eftekhari), Ramin Fatehi’s mother, Dariush Alizadeh's mother, Mrs.Bahiye Navid Afkari's mother,  Mrs.Gowhar Eshghi Sattar Beheshti's mother, Puya Bakhtiari's mother, Nika Shakrami's mother, Sarina Esmailzadeh's mother, Asra's mother (Aytak). To the mother of the Balouch girl, to the mother of the Ahwazi Arab son, to the mother of the martyrs of Rasht and Mazandaran, to the Youth of Tehran and other cities in Iran, to the mothers of all the martyrs of the September 2022 revolution, to the bereaved Iranian mothers from 1979 to today.

I dedicate this introduction to Zainab Jalalian, Sepideh Qolian, Nasrin Sotoudeh, and all women prisoners in Iran.

 I also dedicate this introduction out of respect for the nationality of Miss.Nure Cewari and Miss. Evin Berazi to all the martyrs of Kurdistan from Leila Qasim to Magritte George, Ezidi women imprisoned in ISIS prisons, Kurdish women in Iran, Turkey, and Iraq and Syria prisons in the 20th century and twenty-one.

I present this introduction to the women of Turkey, the women of Ukraine, the fighting women of Russia, the mayor of Frankfurt, Narges Eskandari, the women who were martyred in the missile attacks of the Iranian Kurdistan parties a few weeks ago, the Empress of Iran and Norway Queen Farah and Queen Sonja, the former prime minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, the women of Norway, the women of Europe, Women of The United States of America, France, The UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Korea. I am dedicated to the mothers of fifty, sixty, or seventy thousand prisoners of the social revolution of September 2022 in Iran.

Dedicated to Ali Dayi, Ali Karimi, Wrya Ghafouri, Elnaz Rekabi, and other athletes for their bravery.

I dedicate this introduction to the deprivation of a woman when she feels lonely and miserable. I dedicate this introduction to my mother's tears and her endless sorrows. For Woman Life, Freedom, Love, and Wisdom.

We will celebrate freedom...Shurida of God the creator says! Amen!

Thank you!




 Please present yourself: Name, education, Civil status, and...

. BA in Film Directing from Beirut University, BA in Commerce and Economics, and Media Officer at the International Union of Arab Film Festivals.

I have been living in Denmark since I got married. I have three children, Pela, and the twins, Timaf, the boy, and Romaf, the girl.

I received many international awards:


-The Best Animated Film Award at the Scandinavian International Festival in Finland.

- The Jury Prize at the Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival, ninth session.

- certificate of appreciation at the Slemani/Kurdistan region-Iraq Festival.

-I was President of the Kobani International Film Festival in the second session and Chairman of the Jury in its third session.

-I worked as a jury member for many Arab festivals.

 -I am currently working for the Danish channel DKSYD.

-I have directed short films, including: "Special Attitude", "Ask the Experienced", "Love Remains", and "Starting Over"

I have many documentaries and animations.

I worked with good Syrian directors as executive directors and assistant directors, such as Nazir Awad, Muhammad Sheikh Najib, Samer Barkawi, Maher Kdo, Qais Sheikh Najib, and others.

A few days ago, my film was also nominated for the awards of the thirteenth session of the New York Kurdish Film Festival.

?What is your specialty 

 .Kurdish film director. I also directed several documentaries, such as (Damascus in the Eyes of Its Lovers) and (From the World of Children).

 My work varied between television and cinema dramas and work in documentary production I chaired the jury of the Kobani International Film Festival in its third session in September 2022

? When and how did you become interested in this field

.First of all, it never occurred to me to become a director, but pictures and cartoons stirred my imagination, and this passion increased with me, and the films my father used to bring on old video tapes so that we could watch Kurdish films such as the movie "Mam & Zin".

“Khej and Siamand” and all the films of the creative director whom I like to call the father of Kurdish director Yilmaz Güney, and the spiritual father of Kurdish cinema, and also there was a library containing a collection of Kurdish films in our house. All these things and these films grew my love for cinema and filmmaking.

? Who was your motivator 

. At a certain point in time, my dreams grew and my family discovered my love for cinema, so my uncle "Buzan" supported me by giving me the magazine “Cinema Al Hayat” continuously, despite my studies of economics, television, drama, and cinema arts were my eternal dream, and I began my first practical steps towards studying the arts of cinematography, with the support of my brothers, the first of them is my brother "Sarbast" and my family, I was able to get my first opportunity in the MBC in the second year when my professor got a nomination to contract with MBC during my study period, I made some films. After graduating from university, I headed to Damascus to start my artistic career by working with famous companies in Syrian drama as an executive director and then as a director on Syrian TV and the Syrian educational channel. During my work, the war came, and I had the opportunity to emigrate, and here in Europe, I faced several obstacles until my old journey in the world of cinema began again.

? What was your parent’s reaction

. My parents used to prefer my studies of political sciences, and I traveled to live with my brothers in Beirut based on my studies of political sciences, After two years, my father came to visit our house in Beirut. He did not find my books on political science. He only found books on cinema. Here, my brothers told my father that I study cinema and I got second place in my class in the second year. My father feared that the field of cinema is new in our family and none of our acquaintance's studied or worked in this field. He had scared of the unknown thing but when I graduated, my father (Rest in peace) was the most supportive of me. We traveled together to Damascus and there we met Kurds working in the cultural field, such as the late journalist Khalil Ibrahim, author Dlbrin Musa, and production manager Batal Sleman.

 My father was always proud of me, for my achievements and the biggest supporter in my artistic career.

? When did you become such a professional Media manager

. After more than a year of working in the management of the International Union of Arab Film Festivals, I received the position of Director of Information in the Union, the International Union of Arab Film Festivals was officially announced on 05.09.2022 and was through a press conference on the Zoom program, in the presence of many filmmakers and heads of Arab and international festivals, and a beautiful presentation for the press and media.

? Dear Avin! I read your profile and it looks amazing, so let me categorize my questions according to your activities, step by step!

Please give us a complete explanation of this Festival. We need to be known about it.

 A- You are a media manager at International Union Arab Film Festival. I request you please tell us about this Festival. When did it start? How did you member in management stuff in it? You can explain about it.

.First of all, I would like to thank you, Mr. Azad, for your kind words

The International Union of Arab Film Festivals is a union of 19 Arab and international festivals, and I was chosen as a media official for the International Union of Arab Film Festivals, I see this position as great confidence given to me by the administration of the union, and I would like to thank the administration which is composed of the president of the union, Dr. Ezz El-Din Shallah Vice President of the Union, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Saegh, Mr. Jamal Zaidat, Secretary General of the Federation, Mr. Taher Al-Houshi, Director of International Relations, Mr. Sardar Zangana, the financial director, and the members of the administration, Mr. Hammadi Jaram, and Mrs. Ragaa Kamisha. The International Union of Arab Film Festivals aims to:

 - Coordination between festivals for the exchange of films and coordination on the date of their holding

- Working on the exchange of experiences and assistance in seminars and workshops.

- Contribute to the development of film festivals, in a manner that serves the advancement of Arab cinema.

- Work to encourage the co-production and dissemination of the film, especially the independent film.

You are president of the Jury Kobani International Film Festival.

. The Kobani Festival means a lot to me, as I was its president in the second session of 2021, and an administrative member and head of the jury in its third session. In 2022 We were able to work on developing the festival in several points, both in terms of participating in Kurdish films that have an intellectual value and a message that contributes to the Kurdish film industry... I believe that festivals are real seasons to get to know directors, artists, and media people, who are the most important element in the event industry, the cinema industry, and the achievement of developments.

Overall, I am happy that the Kobani Festival bears the name of my city, which means a lot to me, as I watch and hear how the name of Kobani resounds loudly in the heart of Europe.

?C-I saw the # Hkff Film Festival on your CV, tell me what is this Festival

.The movie Starting Over won many international awards, including the very beloved award to my heart, and the jury award at the 12th Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival in 2021...

? You have made an animated movie. Please give us information about this activity. I read this film has won such as the Best animation at #Sciff.

What is the story

.The film Starting Over won several international awards, including the Best Animation Film Award at the Scandinavian International Film Festival in Finland.

The Jury Prize at the 12th Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival.

It received a certificate of appreciation at the Anfal and Genocide Festival in Slemani- Kurdistan region.

Nominated for the London Kurdish Film Festival Awards. In the thirteenth session, held in London and recently a candidate for the awards of the 12th Berlin Kurdish Festival in Germany.

The movie “Starting Over” deals with the issue of corruption in authoritarian regimes and its reflection on the human being in those regimes and his physiological and psychological structure. The film focuses on a scene and a basic image that is the image of a slanted dictator that no one dares to modify, while everyone tries to present the obligations of obedience and loyalty to the dictator/ Image.

The movie Starting Over is considered one of a series of films that deal with peoples’ issues and humanitarian issues in general, ... the film previously received a certificate of appreciation at the Anfal and Genocide Festival in Slemani city.”

 We go to your Television works! DKSYD TV.

?Can you give us some information about this TV Channel

?What is the magicity of Television activities 

.DKSYD is a Danish channel. I work as a director for programs and short films for the Danish channel.

? What is the importance of Media and publishing in the culture of social consciousness and wisdom

.Perhaps man is characterized by curiosity, and psychology has not been able to accurately reach its causes, perhaps it is his fear of the future, so he always aspires to know what is around him of political, social, and economic news, to know the daily weather forecast... Hence, we know the importance of the media, and how it can direct societies towards forming a public opinion directed towards social or environmental issues, and awareness-making comes through learning and work, and the media includes a lot of knowledge, and therefore it is a meaningful educational activity.

How far does the realm of media and publishing content control go? I mean the borders of censorship!

 .In the countries of the East and the Arab countries, unfortunately, censorship is playing an unfair role against culture, literature, and thought, and art is also monitored, a negative role that gave culture nothing but restrictions and narrow spaces.

As for Europe, I do not feel any restrictions on cultural, literary, or artistic work.

? How do you see media and publishing from your perspective

?What are your predictions for the future of the media and publishing 

. There is the term media revolution or technological revolution, and the media in the current era has become the link and open window between countries and individuals of the world, and it is the nerve of communication, there has become individual media, and the media is no longer malicious to institutions. Social media has destroyed media dominance, and people have made their media. Electronic publishing has become an alternative to printing newspapers and books, which has its advantages and disadvantages as well. There is no longer any need to publish daily or weekly newspapers, as long as television or the Internet provides them continuously throughout the day. Also, book fairs and printing presses will stop. Valent provides all services without the need for classic methods of spreading culture.

? When did you become such a professional Director and Audiovisual Director

.I think I answered this question earlier. I studied television directing in Beirut and worked with great directors in Syria, and I have no experience in radio directing, although directing arts do not differ between television, cinema, or radio, and the practical reality is what gives us experience. It contributes to increasing our knowledge and experience.

? You are an artist and Film Director. Please tell us: Who is the Director, Who is an Audiovisual Director  

.The directing process is to lead the work team, study the script, choose the soundtrack, and determine the locations of filming and actors.

Certainly, the director is the leader of the work and can create the idea by linking the elements of the work and making and presenting the film.

You are the owner of your movie, what are the serious challenges facing you? Please tell us about your experiences in your projects.

 . There are several obstacles and challenges facing artistic work, especially in the film industry,

The most important of these challenges are the lack of funding, the crisis of scriptwriters, and language barriers, as each actor has his language, and it is difficult to provide a staff of actors and actresses, this is in addition to the lack of filming locations within studios, the lack of economic feasibility of the film, and the demand for the purchase of films by showrooms or televisions, in general, most of the challenges are financial, cinema is an art industry, and the industry requires the presence of capital, but from the technical side, despite the presence of Difficult, we manage it.

 What is the Film and Directing logic? What is the Cinema culture? What is their role in advancing the growing cultural demands of people around the world?

 .Cinema is a public art and a purposeful art that seeks to present new ideas and reveal deep issues that reside in the heart of societies. Cinema, being a collection of several arts, can convey the image of any country around the world, from music, historical heritage, language, fashion, thought, and culture. Consequently, cinema is a cultural and political activity that gives people ideas about the nature of coexistence and the conditions of people within different political systems.

You are a Director, What is your view on Choosing an actor or actress for rolling in a film?

 .For each role, the available options should be studied. There is the age, shape, and level of performance. Of course, the person or actor must be close to the spirit of the role, and any director, and certainly looking for the best. This is something that no one disagrees with.

What are the factors of immortality in the art-cinema industry in all fields such as directing, producing, scenario, acting, and supporting acting?

.The cinematic production process, a complex process, requires concerted production efforts and the quality of the script based on a novel or story with deep implications, as well as the actors and actresses and the importance of choosing appropriate filming locations, and the director’s role remains as a leader of the process, the director is the maestro of work and he who determines and bears the responsibility the success or failure of the film.

? Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a Cinema family member

 . Certainly, cinema is a passion for me. It was my wish from the beginning, and it was my hobby as well.

I am very happy that I am achieving my dream now, and I can achieve a lot in the future.

The cinema, the studio, the lighting, the music and the coworkers of the cinema make for a very beautiful and beautiful atmosphere.

What is your opinion about the material and spiritual support of the government for a film without interfering in the work of the film?

 . There are no government agencies supporting the film industry, despite our need for production support. Of course, whoever gives money will force you to submit to his conditions, and this is a matter that would damage the value and level of the film, and it deceives the audience, we need clean money, not political money.

Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generations in your country and so on? I also consider this point. You are a woman. Being a woman faces many challenges.

 .Women and work and the entry of women to the labor market in the societies of our countries in the East is not an easy thing, especially if the work is artistic, and let me be more precise, working in the cinema is difficult for women, and society does not accept it easily every woman who works in the media, literary or artistic field is engaged in cultural activity and is a role model for women and the future young generations in society. Thus, we are part of the women’s freedom movement, and part of the general struggle to liberate society from customs and traditions, and to clarify the image of the new woman and open-minded and able to create the future. 

On this basis, I would like to take a look at the current social issues in Iran. What do you think about the motto of(Woman, Life, Freedom)? You know that for a month, Iran has been experiencing a great historical renaissance due to the murder of a Kurdish girl (Jina/Mahsa Amini) by the Mandatory Hijab Guard, which has undoubtedly affected the Middle East and the world, and after the victory of this revolution, we will see its practical effects on the conservative countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Tell me, what is your conclusion from the recent events in Iran and what is your prediction as a woman about the future of women in the Middle East?

.Jina Amini is a clear picture of the beauty of women, and their desire to achieve change in society, and presents the ugly face of the power of backward governments that want to enslave not only women but also society.

Woman, life, and freedom are interrelated terms and concepts. Women give life, and there is no life without freedom. Hence, the slogan of demonstrations, sit-ins, and revolution in the cities and squares of Iran is a real and effective slogan. This revolution will constitute a starting point towards change, and it is an important opportunity for women in the East to achieve victory, impose their opinion, and lead society toward a free world, a world that achieves dignity and true value.

And I believe that an active movement will continue and women will announce a new spring in the East. Especially since he suffers from poverty, ignorance, disease, and financial and political corruption.

? How can you help our world become a better place to live

. With the concerted efforts of women around the world and their support for women’s issues in the East, they will be able to make a global public opinion in support of human rights issues. They should also work for peace, renounce wars and work to protect the environment from all kinds of political, cultural, and economic pollution social.

Kurdish cinema has witnessed a distinguished activity during the recent period...but what about women’s cinema...and are there any female cinematic productions?

.As a result of the Kurds' conditions, it is rare to find women working in production or directing, and the matter is limited to the use of Arab, Iranian or Turkish actresses, As Kurdish cinema is led by women, and at the Syrian level, we can hardly find anyone but me (Evin Berazi) Kurdish film director, who studied cinematography and directing at the University of Beirut and chaired the second Kobani International Film Festival. I work as a media officer for the International Union of Arab Film Festivals, and have won many international awards:

Including the Best Animation Film Award for her movie Staring Over at the Scandinavian International Festival in Finland. It was also nominated for the awards of the 13th London Kurdish Film Festival currently in London, the Jury Prize at the Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival in its ninth session, and a certificate of appreciation at the Sulaymaniyah Festival.

I was selected as a jury member for several Arab festivals and the president of the jury of the third session of the Kobani Festival, which has many documentaries and animations, worked with the most famous Syrian directors as an executive director and assistant, such as Nazir Awad, Muhamad Sheikh Najib, Samer Barqawi, Maher Kado, Qais Sheikh Najib.


As for the Kurdish cinema in Iran, despite its overwhelming presence in cinema, the female is almost non-existent, and here emerges a distinctive and exciting experience phenomenon in the direction under the title of Samira Makhmalbaf, who is a well-known figure, the Iranian and international levels.

In 1999, Samira directed her second film, Blackboards, in the Kurdistan region of Iran. This film is in Kurdish and won a special prize from the jury of the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.

? Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers

 .Thank you very much for this beautiful dialogue, it was a wonderful question, and I hope that my answers are clear and that they can reach the readers and followers through you. Greetings to you.

Once again thank you!



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