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Kurdish Poet & Novelist

By: Azad Karimi

.I had started with poetry and then became attracted to short stories. now I have a book of short stories called “prison sparrows”. in poetry, I have written quite a bit of poetry which will soon be published in a book.



Kurdish Poet & Novelist

Rasoul Safaryani

By Azad Karimi

Three months have passed since the murder of Jina Amini. Her family is Kurds from Iran. According to the instructions of the Iranian regime, the civil registry office of her city forced her father to choose a Persian or religious (Arabic) name for his daughter, and he chose the Persian name Mahsa, which means: She is like the moon.

But they called her by her Kurdish name: Jina! It means having Life! Yes, and she lived twenty-two years, and her name is still immortal and alive after her painful death! What a beautiful name! Of course, her Persian name is also beautiful like the moon... and she is from the land of the ancient Maah or Maay, Modern Kurdistan. In the history of Herodotus, the name of the country of the moon is recorded as Medes.

According to the latest statistics, during these three months that street protests and industrial, educational, commercial, and administrative strikes have started in Iran, around four hundred people, including fifty children, have been killed by the repressive forces of the Iranian Mullah-Pasdar regime.

Now there is a tough war going on between the Kurds and the Mullah-Pasdar regime of Iran. And the Pan-Iranians, who are apparently enemies of the regime, but in practice are the repressive arm of the regime, and have launched extensive propaganda in Iran: That the Kurds are separatists.

Of course, the regime plans to launch a ground attack on Iraqi Kurdistan with drone and missile attacks in order to destroy the Iranian Kurds who have been there for many years and are against the Iranian regime.

On the other hand, the Turkish regime intends to occupy parts of the territories of these two regions with extensive air attacks on Iraqi Kurdistan and Syrian Kurdistan.

The reaction of the Iraqi government is also very weak. There, Arab Shia militias and mullahs, who are the servants and mercenaries of Iran's regime of mullahs, are fierce enemies of the Kurds, and they have left to the regimes of Turkey and Iran what they cannot do themselves.

Their main problem with the Kurds is the issue of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, which has not yet been implemented.

 The non-implementation of this law and the mean and dirty actions of various Iraqi cabinets in the disputed areas such as Kirkuk, Khanaqin, Shngar, Mosul, and Mandali forced the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Leader Masoud Barzani, to announce an independence referendum. Iraqi Kurds voted for independence by more than 93 percent, but all Arab countries, Turkey, and the Iranian regime closed the borders to Iraqi Kurds and attacked Kurdistan.

 They occupied Kirkuk and Khanaqin. While I witnessed in 2014 that 300 ISIS occupied Mosul and Kirkuk, and Iraqi army commanders in Kirkuk and Mosul threw away all their military uniforms in disgrace and took refuge in Erbil province in women's clothing. They wanted to erase this shame by attacking Kirkuk in October 2017 and went with a tank on the Kurdish Peshmerga to become the Arab hero. But as an eyewitness, I am writing these sentences to be disgrace them before the eyes of the world. . My intention is to say that they are all fascists and cowards and disgraces. They are against their own people because they are the source of corruption and theft, and they are the enemy of the people of Kurdistan because the Kurds see them as inferior, worthless, useless, thieves, and criminals.

But what is worthy of consideration is the fascist behavior of pan-Iranians inside and outside the country, who have a different view of Iran's affairs. They think that they own everything and time must move on the orbit of their fascist desires and thoughts .Their cunning, fascist, Machiavellian, and totalitarian behavior on the whole existence of people and ethnic identities in Iran, on the one hand, and their repressive and anti-religious nature is exactly the manifestation of a tyranny of fascist ideology. They are anti-leftists, anti-religions, anti-sexual minorities, anti-ethnic groups, Anti-Non-Persian languages, anti-immigrants, and follow Xenophobia.

Their behavior is highly questionable, precisely when the regime of the Iranian mullahs is weakening or when the repression in Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Baluchistan, and Khuzestan is intense so that this issue does not have an international reflection, the story of Bener Shiro Khurshid and their stupid and ridiculous stories about the division of Iran are magnified by them on social networks. Their actions are precisely coordinated with the intensification of the repression of the Iranian people by the mullahs' regime.

Anyway, I am awake and I will fight against Iranian fascism as long as I am alive, and I decided to destroy this corrupt weed plant whose mission is to spread the seeds of hatred among people. Of course, God the Creator is with me in this way.

The world has changed, but those who are still stuck in the past are doomed because the wheel of destiny has sped up, and this Charkh(the wheel) is the chariot of the God of Shur, which is speeding towards the light.

In the end, I would like to dedicate this beautiful Kurdish song to the true freedom seekers in the world, those who are pure and honest and fight for the freedom of humanity from the clutches of oppression.

This song was composed and performed by the great master and artist Qader Dilan. In the background of the song, the voice of the Kurdish singer Mr. Rzgar Renjero is also heard. This song, which has a reproachful but powerful tone, calls the enemy a hypocrite and a liar who makes a promise to achieve his goals and then breaks his promise.


In the following interview, you, dear reader, will meet a Kurdish poet who is busy with his literary works very quietly and without borders and serves the literature of the people of Kurdistan.

I wish happiness and success to him, Mr. Rasoul Safaryani, who is my dear friend. I hope he and his family are always happy.

Thank you!




? Please present yourself (Name, education, job, Civil status, and...)

.My name is Rasoul Safaryany, I studied Persian literature at Payame Noor university in Iran. Now I live in Sweden and work as an interpreter. I am married and have a child.


?what is your cultural specialization

.I had started with poetry and then became attracted to short stories. now I have a book of short stories called “prison sparrows”. in poetry, I have written quite a bit of poetry which will soon be published in a book.


`? When and how did you become interested in this field of culture

.It started with the senses it started with the first squeak of love in my heart. When I was a youth and fell in love with a girl who was a neighbor of ours. in time it developed sentiment and with the revolution in Iran turned into politics.


? Who was your motivator

.When younger I felt a great passion for reading poems and it caused me to search for collections of poems by different poets. I started with romantic poetry recently and given the situation in society and my age, the flavor of politics has added to my interest. I got motivation from Qane' , Hemen, Sherko Bekas, Sware Elkhanizada, and in Persian Hafez, Nima and Sepehri and Moshiri.


? What was your parent's reaction

.My mother died before I came to professional poetry writing and my father was very happy when he heard that I have a collection of poems and a short story book that had been published.


? When started you such a professional Poet

.It is difficult to put a date on the start of professional writing, but before I was arrested by the Iranian regime due to political activity (1981), I had written many poems that could count as real poetry. My parents set fire to the collection so as not to be taken by the regime as evidence. After prison (1984) I started seriously and published a small booklet under the name of Chomi Brwa(The belife river). During that time some of my poems were published in the magazine Srwa.


? Are you thankful and happy because of your activities as a Poet

.An artist or poet or writer has a worldview and perspective that is reflected in one’s works and that in turn affects readers or viewers. As a poet, I am happy to be able to show how I think and what my values ​​are in life. And grateful that I can write about my thoughts, which are also the thoughts of many others who lack such an ability to put that thinking into words.


?Tell us Please: Do you see a special connection between Poet and culture, between literature and culture


.Culture has a ready meaning as processing, cultivation, and formation which has two dimensions Spiritual (artistic) and socially transmitted patterns of living. Literature and poetry are part of the artistic dimension. Poetry is an important part of the culture, especially in Middle Eastern societies and societies that are mostly emotional rather than rational. it is usually said that poetry belongs to the youth age of society and societies that are of adult age have short stories and novels.


? Why do some poems and poets become immortal

.Poet is a language tree branch. Language is rooted in society. Communities make up the nation and the nation take root in the country. The country will never die regardless of being ruled by the nation's people or occupied or taken by an enemy and ruled by dreaming people. Then as long as the country exists society lives and consequently the language and the poet.


 How do you see the view, the future of literature and culture? You are a poet; you have opinions surely...


.Before people can write poems and literature was in oral form, then came written and continued until today. Today we see rapid developments in technology that have a strong impact on people's lives. Today, parallel to the paper form of written literature and facts, there is also a digital form. Today it seems that people don't have much or enough time to read books or write on paper and they read mostly digitally via computers or mobile phones. But the most important thing is that there is still a need and interest in literature. Regardless of what will happen in the future and what will happen with the development of technology, literature will continue and exist in any form and genre.


? Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so then


.It is a difficult question because it must be answered by those who read and follow my poems, short stories, or articles. I try to write down my opinions, experiences, and experiences in the form of literature and share them with my readers in my country or the other Kurds in other parts of Kurdistan, but how big a mark it can leave on their thoughts and opinions is decisive for the answer to your question.


? How can you help our world become a better living place

.The answer has two parts. The first is about the individual's duty towards the world so that we can be effective with our products.

having a good life requires having a good place and the place or the planet that we live on must feel good so that we can have a good life. as we as humans have to take care of the place where everyone lives. we must maintain a good relationship with nature. We must respect nature and avoid excessive use of nature.

The second part deals with politicians' and capitalists' views of the world. Those who are voracious and insatiable always think of the host's health. They use all kinds of violence and light them on the fire of war to get more capital. we can enlighten our readers and listeners to stop them and stop what they are doing.


­?Have you more words to say or suggestions for our readers

.I just want to add that it is worth reading the views and opinions of artists, artists, and other famous people because it is very useful and educational. from that reading, many find the solution to standing problems that exist on the path of one's life and find ways to reach one's interests and know one's abilities and talents that one has.

as a final word, I thank you and wish you a good life full of happiness.


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