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Norwegian Entrepreneur


During the course, I observed Trond's behavior in the work environment, which moves and pushes works in an orderly manner with a soft and imperceptible authority.



Norwegian Entrepreneur

Trond Gustavsen

By Azad Karimi


”An activity involving mental or physical effort done to achieve a purpose or result”.

This is the definition of work, the activity that we do and in return, our goal is provided... This goal includes receiving income, practical results on partial and general financial transactions, gaining social dignity, raising the standard of living given welfare, and getting more comfort in life.

According to the needs of society, some individual activities and individual works are taken into consideration and this type of activity is forced to develop. In this case, earning money, fame and social status tend to create communication and social circles, and you will see the emergence of workshops and factories at different levels.

In this case, you see a correlation and harmony that arises based on shared benefits and interests. On the other hand, the culture of the division of labor is developed based on the expertise of people, their competence and effort, and how to improve the level of the user or worker and get a suitable salary. Based on this, the rights and duties of the worker and the employer are determined, and subsequently, the laws related to work, the employer, and the worker are formulated.


In Norway, the labor laws are under the global safety, health, and environmental management standards, which are abbreviated as HMS(Norwegian title) or EHS(International title).

Wikipedia says about this:

 Environment (E), health (H), and safety (S), EHS is an acronym for the set that studies and implements the practical aspects of protecting the environment and maintaining health and safety at occupation. In simple terms, it is what organizations must do to make sure that their activities do not cause harm to anyone. Commonly, quality - quality assurance and quality control - is adjoined to form the company division known as HSQE.

 You can get more information through this link:



I spoke to my career advisor at Drammen Municipality a few months ago and told her to find me an industrial training course because I prefer to get to know the Norwegian industrial environment, I also like to enter the world of industry and machinery like my father and grandfather(father's side) and my younger brother.

 She introduced me to a training course on small cranes, and of course, considering the enthusiasm I showed, She also offered me a one-month industrial warehousing course and paid the high costs of these courses at Drammen Municipality. Part of these courses was related to internships in a workshop or industrial factory, which includes warehousing.

I got lucky and was introduced to the Gustavsen AS Manufactory, and its manager, Mr. Trond, called me one day and said that you are coming to us for a one-month internship, but I must have safe work shoes. I went to a famous industrial shop(Biltema) on Oslo Road and bought work shoes, and the next day I went to the Trond manufactory and found Trond a considerate and hardworking person. He told me that a few years ago, he and his wife started working with a lot of hard work, and finally, they were able to create this industrial workshop that has several employees.

In the industrial workshop of Gustavsen AS, I saw different and interesting sections, from wooden products to reindeer skin products and the export and import of various woodcraft tools and products. During that time, I saw that very interesting, functional, complex, and technical industrial tools and materials were imported from various industrial countries such as The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Sweden in large shipments, and I registered them.

Sometimes while working, I used to think why Iran's totalitarian regime does not allow Iran's industry to connect with the advanced world. And why do they not allow the industry to flourish in Kurdistan- Iran? Why are they imposing isolation on Iranian society and especially Kurdish people? But when they want to mention their history and civilization, they present and show Kurdish cultural and historical elements to the world!!!!


I'm sorry! I don't want to get into political issues, but I have to say that the experience of working in the Gustavsen Manufactory was very useful and excellent for me. I learned modern industrial warehousing methods there and then got a valid certificate from the K2 Institute. All transport expenses, shoes, registration, etc. were also paid by Drammen Municipality. I'm thankful about that and I'm very grateful to my career counselor and career and job placement expert at Drammen Municipality and also Drammen Municipality and the Norwegian welfare system.

I told these details so that the authoritarian regimes in the Middle East would be ashamed and shut up. They consider their illiteracy, lack of knowledge, lack of expertise, and stupidity to be the result of the conspiracies of the free industrial and democratic world led by America. I live in one of the most advanced free countries in the world, Norway, and I introduced a very small part of the welfare and social democratic support of this country.

During the course, I observed Trond's behavior in the work environment, which moves and pushes works in an orderly manner with a soft and imperceptible authority.

But there is competition and you have to compete with your competitors by offering higher-quality products. This issue also depends on more effort. Of course, the proud and arrogant tax system of Norway has full control over the revenues. This means solidarity... it means a modern, progressive and advanced country.

In Europe, churches are managed with people's money and charitable contributions from ordinary people but mosques are richer than churches because these mosques are established and managed through the abundant money of the governments of Islamic countries, This money is given to the administrators of these mosques through illegal and unknown means, as a result, they engage in dirty and terrorist activities because wealth and windfall cause corruption, but you do not see such activities in the church.


I advise the corrupt leaders of backward Islamic countries to spend their money on entrepreneurship in their country instead of doing these dirty and inhumane things. For example, in Iran, you see 100-year-old mullahs trading sugar, rubber, and condoms, while condoms became free for young people in France yesterday!


Either Erdogan's close friend, who is a banker, is laundering money for the Iranian regime, or an Iraqi mullah is collecting signatures to expel Western organizations in Iraq that promote homosexuality...

 They live with the money of a country every day and adjust their behavior according to those countries. They think that money is a magical tool that can change the nature of everything!

Neither in Iraq nor Europe have I heard that there are organizations to tell people to change their sexual behavior... You cannot change the nature of your sexual behavior, but you can change your sexual behavior. For example, you can not have twenty wives and have only one woman as a wife and respect her and not call her Awrat(private parts and genitals), and not consider her a sexual slave.

Every day a rotten product falls on the ground from this broken cart of political Islam.


 Anyway, it was an honor to meet Trond Gustavsen and work in his factory. He is a good man and a good friend. I ask him, on the day of the freedom of my ancestors' land, he should help the young people of that region to set up their workshops and become part of our modern global economic process.


I talked about my ancestral land. I would like to share a YouTube link to a Kurdish song that dates back to 1983 and was performed by a beautiful Syriac-Kurdish Christian lady named Nejat Abdul-Masih to soften my bitter critical atmosphere.

At that time, I was a 9-year-old boy when this song was broadcast on Kirkuk TV. Of course, we are Kurdish-Iranian, but because our city is located on the border of Iran and Iraq, we could receive television and radio programs from Kirkuk and Baghdad. As you know, the borders of Turkey with Iran and Iraq with Iran pass from the land of Kurdistan.




I wish Trond good luck and thank you for accepting my request to participate in this interview.


Thank you!

Østland- Norway



Please present yourself (Name, education, Civil status, and...)

.I am Trond Gustavsen, Married. I have no high education.

?What is your specialization


?When and how did you become interested in this field of work-job

.As a creative person, I have tried all kinds of materials and woodworking as just in the line to start up with.


? Who was your motivator

.No one special, just the drive inside of me that wanted to test out whatever it is.


? What was your parent's reaction

.They always support me, whatever I have done or do.


? When started you such as a professional Manufacturer



?Please, tell us about the type of factory you opened and now own. What kind of factory do you have

.It is not a factory but a supplier of woodworking, leather machine, and tools.

We also have a skill center to give classes to other persons that want to use their “hands”

 The wood industry is one of the pillars of the Norwegian economy, like oil, gas, electricity, and fisheries. For our readers in other countries, please explain the importance of wood in the life of the Norwegian people. What is the value of timber in individual and social dimensions? If you can tell about its export.

.Wood has been very important for Norway, especially before the oil. It is used in all kinds of paper and to build houses and homes.



? You also hold training courses. Please explain to us the quality and purpose of its establishment.

.It is for spreading the skills in old school woodworking and leather works. This is a part of history that should have been forgotten, but we can see a lot of interest out there.


? Is education about the wood industry in this type of course or are there university courses for it in Norway?



? How do you see the future of the wood industry

.This market goes up and down as always, it is also what is popular at present times.



? Are you thankful and happy because of your activities Co-Owner

.Yes, very. It is important to build jobs and it is important to take care of the old traditions along with new thoughts and development.



? Please explain the ownership of an industrial unit. What is the relationship between private sector ownership and macroeconomics


? What is your view about the economy and culture


? I come back to you, How see your view about your work


? Can you become one part of the cultural movement for motivation in youth or new generation in your country and so then


? How can you help our world to become a better living place

.I have no clue, just act as a human being and respect the individual persons and let people develop in the best way.


? Have you more words to say or suggest for our readers

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